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Nov 11, 2012
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Hi. I'm not sure where exactly to put this thread, but this seemed like a good bet.

I generally don't put my scouts to much use, I just search through players until I find someone I like. However, I ended up being in 2040 in my save at the moment, so obviously I have absolutely no idea who anyone is anymore, and it's become increasingly difficult to keep my team with the kinds of attributes I like since I basically have to search through 100's of players to find one with the stats I want.

This was when I decided to set my scouts to searching for players that were the best in certain roles, such as target man, or ball winning midfielder etc so that I'd at least have a shortlist of players that are more than likely going to be suited.

So I set each of my scouts up (they're all very good scouts) and none of them returned reports. I left them doing it for a year and they kept saying they either couldn't find anyone, or they'd search forever without finding anyone. I have multiple ones searching the world. I assumed they'd at least turn up one player each..

An example is I set one scout to just look for anyone with the role of target man. That's it. He found absolutely no one. I didn't put in any specific stats, or how good he would have to be.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong with their assignments. Can anyone help me with using my scouts to find people with certain roles?