Nov 29, 2010
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How accurate are scout reports and star ratings for the performance of your teams
it depends on your staff really. and because i'm in the lower leagues and don't really have good scouts, i usually scout the players i want at least a few times before i sign them
Going with your gut feeling is probably better then, I find when i am with lower league teams most players would be a great addition and with higher league teams no player is good enough for my team .
they're reasonable accurate, but not very useful. if a player is good, you will know it by his attributes or perhaps his real life ability. I find the assistant manager thing of team report isn't vert accurate, but you know what players in your team are good.
i go with how i feel, if they have good attributes i sign them up.
well mostly the scout get the difference between current and potential ability right
for example if he says he got 1.5 more potential that means he will improve everything by 3 or some more other less if u train him specificly