Jan 11, 2011
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So ive been trying to improve my scouting after 10 years on 1 save .
I have a good budget with Vitesse but i cant compete with clubs like man city real madrid and psg etc (i know what else is new)
So if i really want the new messi's and Ronaldo's ill need to find them when they are young .
Now this being said , i need some reasurrence*(hope i spelled that right) i have currently 34 scouts working for me (i want more but board have refused on alot of occasions) without exception they all have a judge CA above 15 and no less then 20 for judging potential (except for the HOS View attachment 369141
My HOS is looking at next match the other 33 ive spread out over the world .1 in oceania middle east etc (the not so likely regions to bring forth great footballers) and then multiples on south america central europe and uk etc (amount depends on how great of football nations there are in that region)
And when its regen date ill assign the scouts to the country were the regen date is in motion .And every scout has been instructed to look for players under 21 and with atleast 3 star potential (as i already have a really good team this would become a very good player)

Now my questions .
1.) Should i assign scouts to countries instead of regions?
2.) Is there a factor in the finding of players i might not have accounted for and if so what.
3.) Or should i during regen dates go to the country and manually browse the regens and check for wonderkids?(and yes i realize that it is alot of work and that not every season may produce a wonderkid)

Well anyway i hope you guys could look this over and maybe start a discussion because (and yes i have looked) could not find a decent scouting discussion on this forum and i think this is probably the most important thing for people with +5 year saves
So thx for the help in advance ill check in regularly to see if there is anything i can help or answer with.
On each country's regen date, head into your Player Search screen. Search based on:

- Age (no more than 16)
- Nationality (the regen country)
- Position (just to help you look)

Then sort the results by value. Highlight all down to, say, 25k (higher if you have a lot, less if a few), right click the selection and scout them all.

You will get a lot of scout reports, but you can easily flick through them on your messages screen as it shows you a summary of each report at the bottom, including the PA star rating.

That should net you more 4/5 star rated players than you could ever wish for. Some you will have to pay large transfer fees for, some you will be able to sign just paying some compensation.

It won't find every single wonderkid, but you will get a lot - more so because of your extensive world scouting knowledge.

Don't forget to remove them all from your Shortlist once you are finished, otherwise you will get spammed with messages when each scouted player does something.
Thx alot this helps , but im more looking for something i can do to make sure i dont have to do all this during regen days that they will do it automaticly so that i dont have to keep the dates in mind every year :)
And why do the new wonderkids only show 3 stars , is that because all my players are already so good?
Isn't upgrading your accommodations and looking for satellite clubs much easier. Or using FM Scout...