Jul 5, 2009
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How much scouting do you put in before you decide to sign a new player? I used to just get the first scout report and make a decision there and then. I quickly learnt the more you scout the more accurate a report you will receive. But it seems no matter how much I scout a player before signing them, their coach report never seems to live up to the scout report I received before I signed them.

Any tips?
Let your scouts scout :) And then when they bring up their list of potential players i always watch the scout reports (in that list). Then sort on Potential Ability. If a player have 3 stars now and 5 i the future (in example) i look closer to that guy, let him scout for 1 or 2 matches, but basicly it's best to look at his stats yourself. It depends if you have loads or money or not as well. When you are on low funds you might get players that are 18 and have 1 star but potential 4/5 stars. Meaning he's cheaper. But i suggest you make the decision yourself, as you said they most of the time don't live up to expectation.

When i actually gonna sign new players i prefer to do my own scouting by bringing the whole list of available players up and look at what i could afford or who is willing to join my club. This lists (at least the star rated players) expands when you're scouting. So in that way it's still useful. For the rest you just need to be lucky if a future prospect is really going to be that great. Otherwise, just look at their abilities and compare them to your current player on that position. Never trust only his advise
Thanks for the advice. I guess in the end a lot of it is down to pure luck. He is either going to be a massive failure, an ok signing or the biggest uncovered gem of a player ever lol
Maybe your Assistant Manager just isn't as good at Judging Player Abilty / Potential as your scouts are, and it's the coach reports that aren't right?