Jan 7, 2011
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where is the best place to scout for cheap good regans for Nottingham Forest?
Argentina probably has the best quality/price ratio, but work permits can be crappy. Croatia has a pretty good regen rate on my saves, eastern european nations would be my pick.
brazil, always regen prospect talent almost every year
my favourites are brazil and argentina. they have the best youngsters, but some of them will get very expensive.
Although Brazil and Argentina generate tons of prospects, I was amazed that there's quite a bit of talent in Africa as well.

You might say that Africa is a bit too general, but as I don't play any african league (and don't suppose you do) there aren't a lot of regens (or better said, non-grey players), so scouting is quite easy and quite often worth it.

Opposed to this, I have both Brazil and Argentina playable (yes, I am indeed regen greedy :)), so with the amount of players scouting has turned out quite tough there. Although I must say the scouts are actually quite accurate as opposed to previous versions...