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Apr 5, 2009
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well, sorry if this is the wrong forum, i tought it was right cuz players are the thing we mainly use scouts for..
well my question was if scout's attributes (especially regen scouts) ever rise? i mean something like potential scouts? or once they have rubish stats (low judge pot, player, determination...) they'll be rubish forever?
no, all staff can improve, depends on their age and attributes :)
if you have a young member of staff between 35 and 45, theyll grow quite quickly, and even quicker with the right attributes :)
Arsenal Scout Christian Karembue certainly develops as in my first season he JPA was 15 & 16 now they are 18 & 19.​
as others said, yes they can develop.

Best way to improve their scouting ability is to continuously have them give you individual scouting reports on players.

A couple times a year I'll have my scouts scour africa for regens and they go through about 500 players, afterwards their scouting ability rises. Almost all of my 15 scouts I've developed to 20/20
thanks for the quick answer guys :) then i'll go on and hire some of the regens interested in the job
all staff have CA and PA like players, so the higher their PA the better their stats will improve :) you get crappy regen players, you get crappy regen coaches, you just need to take the time to find the good ones :)
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