Micky Pain

Aug 6, 2009
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So, here's the thing:

I signed three new scouts, and they are utterly useless.
When I go to "Scouting assignments" I can't send them out because the options are greyed out with the "Only scouts are allowed...." warning, when I send them to get scout reports I get nothing back and when I respond to the backroom advice of "Scout nation" they never get underway.

Basically, I have three scouts that can and will do nothing.
Has anyone ever had something like that before?
And if so, how can this be fixed?
Check the coaching section. Maybe if they can't scout they will appear in the coaches section. My guess is that the game sees them as coaches for some reason, perhaps giving them new scout contracts will fix it.
Nope, they aren't coaches.
They don't show up at the training screen and are clearly listed under scouts.
However, when I go to "offer new contract", the default option for staff role is "Assistant manager" for all three of them, although I definitely signed them as scouts.
I can't really fire them because it would cost me too much and my finances are already quite strained, so I have to wait until I can offer them new contracts as scouts and see if that fixes it - right now they won't ign because they "only recently signed a contract with me".
Stupid game...

This is happening in my game now. 5th season in - scouting was working fine until now!

Is there a way to fix this?
Possibly your club has placed restrictions on where your scouts can scout, apart from that, I don't know.
Checked my scouting restrictions and I'm allowed to scout the UK and France. Bit of a strange one. Can't afford to sack them really so will have to wait until the end of the season... gutted!
How frustrating is that???
I got promoted, was allowed to hire more scouts - which I did - and my 3 new scouts are ALSO unable to scout. I tried to offer a new contract to one, but he's not hearing it.
How many other bugs am I going to discover?