Jan 20, 2010
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Now then FmBase i am looking for a bit of help from you lot , I have been Scunthorpe United which are my home team for the first period of the season and i am very disappointed. I feel i have made some great signings also i recently sent Bebe back to manchester united.

Ill attach a few screenshots and you guys can sort something out for me to be back in winning ways , I have tried many tactics and training schedules please help me out. I am begging to hate fm.

Thanks Gromit.
you need to use one tactic and let your team get used to it, its all about patience
try and get ryan noble on loan from sunderland, i got him for scunthorpe in my first season, scored 19 goals in 17 games :)
why did'nt you get Elokobi in the start of the season !?
I've tried managing Scunthorpe before and it's seriously hard. But I would say make sure you stick to a tactic, I would suggest a defensive one as Scunthorpe have easily one of the weakest squads in the Championship.