Sean Vs Gregor


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Sep 16, 2005
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Well me and Sean have both went Scarbrough in the conference north. Its not really a challenge but obv the person whos doing better will boast and fuzz ttm :D

Anyway, heres how my first season went ...

Also, i made it to the 2nd round of FA Cup and the Semi of the FA Trophy.

Something weird that my boards done since i signed a new contract is to give me a wage budget of 0 but give me money dependingon how good a player is.
Right, my season was poor to be honest. After about 15 games I was crusing in the league but then I hit a bad patch and ended up going 2nd. Only just managed to win the league in the last 2 games :D
Sean,I cant believe you spent all that money on players :p

So Greg had a better season,in the league,although you both won it,and in the cups. But i reckon Sean might do better in L2.
Sean had 31 future transfers :|
31 :eek: what could he possibly do with 31 extra players...
Have a brand new squad :D
and seans made 1m off players he had at the start that I didnt :mad:
I didn't make you download a newer data update than me :p
an fm 2007 skin, cant member the name
Finished my second season :D

My start ****** me up plus the fact that Rushden refused to lose any games when i was challengeing them :mad:

Anyway I got promotion in the end, the final was annoying though, went 2 ahead the a suberb fightback, went 4-2 up then another suberb fightback in the 80 mins :mad: But I won A.E.T :D
The conference was soooo easy. Walked it. Would have been better but I drew my last 3 league games :(

I also won the FA Trophy as well and got to the FA Cup 4th round (lost 5-1 (A) to Blackburn).
God Sean i cant belive you lost a game :p hehe i said you'd do better...

Both still had great seasons,and greg's squad looks better
Finished my 3rd season with my 3rd promotion! I won the league by miles, played reserves for my last 5 game.

The played covered up on fut tran is my fav player Besango