searching for good young players by attributes


Nov 23, 2008
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just took over tranmere in league 2 in january 2020 and want to search for young gems/great potential via attributes.

i know high values generally mean good players but what attributes should i search for that are likely to unearth unknown potential.

being in league 2 i dont have the scouting range to just scout hundreds of players.

any help with this or any other tips would be helpful.

apologies if there is a thread on this already, couldnt find anything suitable.
For lower leagues, usually players with pace are a huge bonus. So you could sort it by pace and another key attribute of the position you're looking for. If you're looking for young regens who could be solid players in leagues above you as well, I'd filter by determination and work rate. They tend to determine how good the youngster will develop. And do a lot of manual scouting basically. You'll unearth a few gems just by doing enough of that. Good luck :D
search african countries and thier clubs manually. my god the gems you can find there are unbelievable. and most of them you can pick up for less than 50k some even a couple of hundred pounds. i found this 16 yr old with 15 finishing 19 jumping and high stats in other key areas for 500 pounds from some angolan club. be careful though for some of them you wond get a work permit. so bookmark then and when you maybe reach higher leagues try to buy them again.