Dec 25, 2009
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Really frustrated ATM, I honestly haven't got a clue how everyone bar me finds really good players.. I only can ever choose from the players in the search bit which are mostly terrible. So just wondering how does everyone find all these good players I'm talking about lower league management and for when I get to regens but I just never find any :/ people say they search through teams but where do you start looking and stuff?
Searching the U21 teams of Europe is good at the end of a seaon, try and approach to sign and if they appear they'll sign for you easily offer them a trial so you can see their stats. Sign them up if they're good enough! Got an AMAZING Norwegian RB for cheap wages for Southend in L2, stayed with me all the way to the prem before I got £5m for him!
Favorite nations to take players from:

France - Produce best players in the game IMO.
Croatia - Same deal as Scotland.
Italy - Produce great attackers a bit pricey some times.
Scotland - clubs rarely sign the best ones to senior agreements right away, easy to steal.

Also what other people have mentioned is right before the youth intake for a nation they send their best scout to scout that nation. Youth intake is between January - March. Don't send a Brazilian scout to Brazil, or English to England. They have a built up knowledge so they will finish the assignment in a matter of days.
Thanks guys :) gonna have ago soon anything to do at the start of the game?
Will try the ways to do it that people have mentioned :) what wonder kids have you got in mind?
Scouting mate thats what will get you info on players
But my scouts seem to get the same players and there useless