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Sep 15, 2005
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So I have been playing the FM Live beta now for 1 month and if you didn't know in the Beta Game World 1 year game time is 28 days in real life. It has been a hectic season for me, here are a few stats to show what I have been up to...

Senior Matches Played: 222
Senior Matches Won: 90
Senior Matches Lost: 75
Senior Matches Drawn: 57
Youth Matches Played: 50
Youth Matches Won: 33
Youth Matches Lost: 11
Youth Matches Drawn: 6

Biggest Win (senior): <a href='' title='Skillmarnock 0 - 9 FM-Base FC'>9-0 v Skillmarnock (A)</a>
Biggest Win (youth): <a href='' title='Royston Vasey 1 - 6 FM-Base FC'>6-1 v Roston Vasey (A)</a>
Biggest Loss (senior): 0-5 v Notvery Athletic (A)
Biggest Loss (youth): 1-5 v Land of the Aryans (A)

<u><strong>Transfers</strong></u> (<a href='' title='Transfers'>Screenshot</a>)
Players In: 56
Players Out: 21
Players Released: 24
Biggest Sale: Angelo Palombo (£500k)
Biggest Buy: Scott Parker (£500k)
Best Sale: Tiego Amaral (£100k)
Worst Sale: Gianpaolo Pazzini (£27.7k)
Best Business: Paul McShane bought for £1, sold for £250k

Taken Part In: <a href='' title='Competitions'>17</a>
Won: <a href='' title='Honours'>3</a> (<a href='' title='NFA Youth League 2'>NFA Youth League 2</a>, U19 Diddy League and Mini League)
Runners Up: <a href='' title='Honours'>3</a> ( Mini League x2, U21 Diddy League)

Players of the season: Hamdi Salihi, Tommaso Rocchi, Igor, Manuele Blasi
Ones to watch: Igor, Juan Fernando Arango, Scott Parker

Highest Position (senior): 10th
Lowest Position (senior): 262nd
Current Position (senior): <a href='' title='Rankings'>107th</a>
Highest Position (youth): 5th
Lowest Position (youth): 83rd
Current Position (youth): <a href='' title='Youth Rankings'>22nd</a>


<a href='' title='Royston Vasey 1 - 6 FM-Base FC'><img src='' alt='Royston Vasey 1 - 6 FM-Base FC' /></a> <a href='' title='Skillmarnock 0 - 9 FM-Base FC'><img src='' alt='Skillmarnock 0 - 9 FM-Base FC' /></a> <a href='' title='NFA Youth League 2 Top Goalscorers'><img src='' alt='NFA Youth League 2 Top Goalscorers' /></a> <a href='' title='NFA Youth League 2'><img src='' alt='NFA Youth League 2' /></a> <a href='' title='NFA Profile'><img src='' alt='NFA Profile' /></a> <a href='' title='Youth Rankings'><img src='' alt='Youth Rankings' /></a> <a href='' title='Rankings'><img src='' alt='Rankings' /></a> <a href='' title='Game World Profile'><img src='' alt='Game World Profile' /></a> <a href='' title='Competitions'><img src='' alt='Competitions' /></a> <a href='' title='Honours'><img src='' alt='Honours' /></a> <a href='' title='Finance Transactions'><img src='' alt='Finance Transactions' /></a> <a href='' title='Finances'><img src='' alt='Finances' /></a> <a href='' title='Youth Stats'><img src='' alt='Youth Stats' /></a> <a href='' title='Senior Stats'><img src='' alt='Senior Stats' /></a> <a href='' title='Results'><img src='' alt='Results' /></a> <a href='' title='Squad'><img src='' alt='Squad' /></a>
im still in the dark about how the whole thing works :worried:
Okay I'll try to explain it best I can....

First thing's first..there are no real teams. At the start of the game all players are unattached. You then create your own team and sign players to make up your initial squad.

There will be many different game worlds in the beta each consisting of about 1000 different managers. 28 Days real time = 1 year game time (although different worlds will have different amounts)

Player wages are paid out every 24 hours and you make money by your team ranking in the world (£150k a day is the minimum and £300k goes to the top ranked team). At the moment my player wages are £280k a day and i make around £230k from the rankings money so as you can tell I'm currently making a loss and eventually I will go into debt.

Anybody can create a competition. You can then join these competitions (leagues, cups etc..) for a fee and you can win prize money from these to help pay your player wages.

Once in a competition you get your fixtures. These fixtures have a deadline when they must be played by. If you and your opponent are online you can challenge your opponent any time before the deadline date. If your opponent accepts you will then have to do your team and then when you are both ready the match gets underway. Once the game is over you can challenge another opponent. If you don't have any competition fixtures to play you can play friendlies instead. These can also be played any time of the day.

So does that explain it a bit better? :D
it sure does, but surely its hard to sign all the good players because there could be like 500 managers all afta one player
Yeh that's true. But the good player like Gerrard etc.. are all on extremely high wages due to the demand so teams can barely afford one player so you don't have to worry about a shortage of good players to sign :D

For example in one of my first blog posts I showed a screenshot of an auction for Diego. I think his wages ended up at around £80k and like I said teams will only get an income of around £150k-£300k from rankings. So you can see that the £80k wages will take a huge chunk out of that.