Mar 9, 2010
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I've played 5 full seasons of FM2011 with Manchester United now. And literally every season has followed a very, very similar pattern :
Shakey start.
20+ games where I go unbeaten.
January/February arrives and players get injured/sent off left right and centre and everything buggers up.
I lose the league cup final due to some insane, 45 yard goal.

Every season bar one (where I won the final) has followed this exact pattern. It's getting kind of boring. It seems as if nothing I do can stop it and it makes everything sort of pointless. I was just wondering, is this a flaw in the game or is it genuinely just a coincidence? Don't get me wrong, some of those seasons have ended well, but it's getting to be a pain now, I'm in my 6th season and the same thing is happening again. Gah, it's fairly frustrating. Thought I'd share this.
Well I wouldn't say it's a pattern, but who knows...
But really, it's all fairly explainable.. The start of the season is usually the roughest, especially if you buy new players, and that's pretty OK with me. The good run after that is again not strange for me because since you get everything going it's hard for anyone to stop you.
Now as for the injuries and red card goes, it's happening all the time, but it's only when a lot of players are absent you really notice it. Maybe this happens to you because you don't rotate much and the players have had a too long season (assuming you play in continental and cup competitions) and and mid-season they start breaking down or something...
Now the league final is quite an oddity, but since you can't even get the same result on the same game even if you replay it over and over, it has to be a coincidence... Or is it? :D
Do you approach every season in the same way, why not try a new tactic or approach your team talks differently?