Second Season Man United


Aug 21, 2010
Hi there guys. Wow I haven't posted in FM-Base since 2012. Good to be back.

Anyway, I have a dilemma. I literally just got gifted FM17 on Sunday from a good friend who could not bear to see me still playing FM16. Thank Goodness for Steam sales eh?

Anyway, here's the problem. I am in my second pre-season with Man United, and I have no idea how to improve my team. My line-up is
GK: De Gea, Romero
DR: Darmian, Cancelo (Signed in January £15m)
CB: Bailly, Rugani (Signed in January £15m), Jones, Smalling, Lindelhof (signed in June £9m)
LB: Shaw, Sessegon (Signed in June £9m)
MC: Pogba, Herrera, Tielemens (1st season £17m), Bentancur (signed in June £9m)
AMR: Mkhitaryan, Januzaj, Odegard (signed in June £14m)
AMC: Mata, Rashford, Vilalba (signed in January)
AML: Martial, Lozano (1st season)
ST: Zlatan (44 goals!

Keith Ang

Oct 26, 2011
welcome back lylinho.

well tbh, from what i can see you will need to sign a/or two first team (quality world class) player. most players that u have signed are good but they are young. u need someone established while u ease those up and coming wonderkids into established world class players.
that is how i would improve my team. who to get? well depends on your philosophy of how u want the team to play and ofc your tactics.
p/s i would get someone soon to replace zlatan as he is not getting any younger and your reliance on him (44 goals) although a good achievement would give u a big headache if u dont plan for the future.

my humble 2 cents