Seeking FM2013 Transfer Update with FUTURE transfers


Jul 16, 2013
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As the title, I am wondering if anyone releases an update with future transfers?

Most updates I come across put the real life 13/14 transfers in for the 12/13 season, which makes it a tad unrealistic with two sets of transfers in one window. Eg for Spurs, Adebayor and Paulinho joining the same time

I guess its not a huge issue but I would like to move players on and they wont go, yes i could change the transfer date they joined but then that's just moving everything back a year rather than keeping things in the present.
Yeah me too, I can't play with just updated stats for new seasons it's unrealistic.
It'd be nice.

If I could get a team of people together, I'd definitely be up for contributing.
Would be good, but it would also be even more unrealistic

you cannot control the first season then, so all promotions/relegation's would be different and the clubs would continue to buy players in the first two windows ( just January if you put dont add budgets in first window )

so the players would join when the squads are different anyway