Nov 8, 2011
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Hi guys!

i wonder what is the best way to sell a player? do you first transfer listed him,and ofer to clubs,for duble price,?-that's my tactic,and sometimes works, especially if the player is good.
Desirable opinion.
If he's playing well and in demand (i.e. you go to his 'transfer' screen and it shows several clubs with 'major interest'), wait for other clubs to make offers. If you offer him yourself you tend to get non-negotiable offers back. If you wait for the offers to come in, they will usually be negotiable and you can play them against each other. After the first offer comes in, hopefully a day or two later another club will offer a bit more. Then you ask for the first club to up their bid by (2 times a bit). And so on until clubs start pulling out and you know you've hit the ceiling.

If I want to get rid of him and there's at least one club that want him, I think offering him at double value is the best way. You usually get an offer of some sort back which tends to be the most you're going to get.

Anyone else, shove on the unwanted list at 'sell for any price' and let your Director of Football deal with it.
It totally depends, if he's a **** player I'll sell for less than his estimated value
If a decent player at peak I will sell slightly higher than his value
A quality payer I will sell higher than his value for example if I was Everton and looking to sell Fellaini I'd sell him at least 10m+ than his value
A young player with high potential I will overprice
An oldie I will sell for cheaper than his value

Ps I offer to clubs
Oh and what Spleen said if a player was wanted by numerous clubs I'd wait for them to offer and usually pump up the price in negotiations, I tend to look at their financial state as well if potentially a lot of money could be made so for example if I had a quality player was linked with a team with the financial backing of Man City I'd put a higher value than other clubs have put (doesn't always work but sometimes been rolling in the money)