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Apr 12, 2009
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Hey Guys,

Im currently coming to the end of the 14/15 season, and im going well with Dortmund having taken over at the beginning of the season after two season at Sporting.

Now, Idk if I am just unlucky, but Gotze has been awful with injuries this season, and it is starting to really bug me. Since I have taken over, he has has 7 injuries! they were:

Bruised Rib - 5 days
Strained Wrist - 9 days
Thigh Strain -11 days
Fractured Arm - 4 weeks
Torn Hamstring - 3 months
Twisted Ankle - 3 weeks
Stubbed Toe - 6 days

He has only managed just 15 game so far, so my dilemma is, do I sell him or not? Am I just unlucky, or is he injury prone? If I sell him, who would you replace him with?
id sell him tbh you can get good money and look for some regens or see how will hughes d.praet have devolped etc
Thats what I was thinking. I have got a fairly thin squad tbh, so selling him for hopefully 50m+? will allow me to bring in 2-3 more players
Hmmm, offered him for £50 Mil and only got Bayern offer £44.5 Mil. Not so sure I want to sell to them though because he will be amazing when he joins them, I just know it
Chelsea have accepted a straight swap for Mata. Not 100% sure on that though
try and see if you can get chelsea to give you like 15-20 mil aswell :D
Oh, I completely forgot I get Thiago from Barca on a free transfer!
Gotze is epic .. I got him in my Man city save and hes doing great on the AML inside forward position. however as u said he gets injured a lot which made him lose his position to Neymar who I just purchased a the end of 2013 .
In my AP MC poisition i used to play Milner till he got injured . Thiago got the position and i thought that hes average.. at the end of the season I discovered that he had 18 assists in 24 games ! Since then his number 1 and Milner is 2