Dec 2, 2011
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I am Arsenal in 2014 season and Robin Van Persie is now getting old, is extremely injury prone and still valued at 20M+. I want to sell him, but he's my captain and everyone loves him. I tried offering him to clubs but then Vermalean and Fellaini immediately complained saying I was treating RVP poorly and wanted to leave. I get that they are all buddies, but come on - I am defending Prem champion so its not like we are useless. How can I get rid of RVP in the least problematic way? I want clubs to know I am looking at bids without really ******* everyone off. Maybe in the off-season?

Also I have just run into another problem. In the quarters of the Champs League I am at home, losing to Hannover 96 (yes, ridic I know) by 0-1, but still ahead in the tie. Things are very tight, Hannover is pinning me back. Wilshere then goes and gets himself sent off in the 50th minute. We make it in the end, but I fine Wilshere for being bit of an idiot. He is unhappy, wants a chat which doesnt go well (He is aggressively moaning, moaning and I am a bit ****** at him so I tell him to shut it). Immediate transfer request. Frankly he's a good player who I'd like to keep just cos he's English, but also I'm not that bothered as there are loads of fantastic creative types out there. Ideally I want to grab him by the throat and punch his dumb little head in.
If you are going to sell your captain and club favourite then be prepared to spend big mony to appease the fans. They won't be happy short term but if you bring in a replacement who scores the same or as many goals as Van Persie. Also make sure you have someone with high influence and determination to lift the players once your captain has left