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Sep 15, 2005
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Five snaps up Italian football

Leigh Holmwood
Tuesday June 12, 2007
Italian football is to return to terrestrial television for the first time since 2002 after Channel Five picked up the rights.

Five is expected to air Italian football coverage from the start of the 2007-8 season later this year, with output to be made by sports production company Sunset+Vine.

Sunset+Vine, a subsidiary of Welsh firm Tinopolis, already produces cricket highlights for Five.

"The main deal is for a highlights programme, although Five do have the rights for live matches as well," said Ron Jones, the executive chairman of Tinopolis.

Channel 4 first brought Serie A football to UK television in 1992 following the move of Paul Gascoigne to Lazio and screened matches and highlights until 2002, when it dropped coverage.

The rights were picked up by British Eurosport midway through 2002, with the channel screening matches until 2005, when Bravo and Setanta Sports took over in a joint deal.

Bravo announced it would not be screening any more matches from the end of December last year because of poor ratings.

Italian football is best known on UK TV for the Channel 4 Football Italia show, presented by James Richardson.

A Saturday morning show, Gazzetta, was voiced by the late Kenneth Wolstenholme and also shown on Channel 4.

A Five spokesman declined to comment.

source - The Guardian

I hope they get some decent live matches on, and a decent highlight show that's not on at stupid o'clock
Thats good then, cant complain with more footy to watch.
If it's **** you wont catch me watching it but if it doesnt have Pat Nevin then im in :D
Glad it's comeing back. I don't really care about watching the live matches I'm more interested in just the highlights :D
Nice always wanted this to stay on TV.
meh i liked it on bravo and can't get C5 terrestrially anyway :p
Or its the fact that loads of people can't get 5 on terrestrial tv
Alot of people can't. Channel 5 is notorious for it's bad reception and/or lack of reception.
yeah couldnt get it at home but get it fine in leeds, i look forward to some more footy on tv
meh i liked it on bravo and can't get C5 terrestrially anyway :p

Thing about it being on Bravo means that I have to go watch it in the living room where Sky is and I'm not that keen on Italian footy. But if it's on terrestrial it means I can just stick it on and lay in bed or summat :D