Jan 17, 2011
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Im completely new to football manager and am really struggling with the concept of the game, im currently coaching havant and waterlooville at the lowest league (as i planned to work my way up) and am sitting 19th in the league on the verge of being sacked.

I've tried to sign loan players etc but i've failed and have bought a couple of players which i thought might help but i still keep losing games, i very used to fifa with overall ratings of say 65, 88 overall the highest being the best so i'm not to sure what players make the best ones as there no diffenitive overall grade. Im looking for someone to give me tips to help me improve my position etc and so i enjoy the game more instead of struggling all the time. Many thanks anything whatsoever will be of help
I wouldn't really advise trying to learn FM with a lower league side. IMO you should take control of a team with a really strong squad to learn the ropes. If I where you I'd take a look at starting a game as Shakhtar - they are probably the easiest team in the game.

What makes a player good for a position cannot be simplified to a single number. Often it is up to what role that player is taking within a formation, your preferences ect. Regardless, take a look at this. Also, I would also recommend reading through Tactical Theorems '10. As the name suggests, it is for FM10, but it still fully applies to FM11.
Lower league is definitely tough. I'd actually recommend a secure, steady mid-table side. You won't in too , much risk of relegation or getting sacked for not challenging for trophies, and also learn the nuances of the game. Problem with managing the huge sides is you'll be expected to win instantly, and their squads are often so strong that you'll miss one of the best qualities of FM - dealing with overcoming the shortcomings of your squad.
thanks for making the efforts to reply back to me, erm its not possible for me to download guides as i've recently wiped my computer and it just wont open as its asking me for a programme to open with. i really want to stay with havant and waterlooville and go up to the premiership etc rather than manage a top team where the only real way is down. can anyone tell me where i can view players in the division above me for better players as i'm so used to fifa 2009,10,11 etc its not as simple on here. and something about a scout being able to tell you if a player is intrested in signing for your club how do i find that out? and lastly i place players up for sale but havent sold or had a single offer.
It's very hard to start a team especially if you're an amateur into it. No matter if you provide the whole team the best football training, you still need to know the certain tactics that everybody should follow including you.