Serious Lag after Adding or Removing from shortlist


Oct 30, 2009
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I've been playing the fm series for ages and never really had any problems until fm2010 and now fm2011 has the same problem..

First of all, i have 2.66 quad core, 4 gb Ram and Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT graphics card.. so above the specs easily to play this game.

the problem-

I decided that i would add everyone to my shortlist, whish was fine and the game worked absolutely beautifully as usual. as i played the game, i got so many emails to read - like over 100 each time i clicked next!
I decided to get rid of everyone from my shortlist to re-add only the players that i wanted to keep an eye on...

after selecting them all and selecting to remove them.. the problem began... As it was removing them all from my shortlist.. it just kept at that screen and just stayyyyyyyed and did nothing... after about an hour, i closed football manager, now no matter what, the game is supremely laggy!! so much so, i cannot play my saved game, OR any new game or other saved game! i have defragged drives, scanned pc with ccleaner, adaware and avg e.t.c..

in game, i click on a player and it takes 5-10 minutes to load up, i then click on the players history and it takes about 20 minutes to switch to that screen!!

PLEAAAAAASEEEEEEEE help me!!!! any help i would greatly appreciate!

Thankyou in advance people! :)
as ur name sudgests its all gone wrong lol,not sure why its gone all laggy bit strange as ur pc specs are more than enough to cope with tht,dont know how to fix the lagg but u can filter the emails u kept getting by goin into manage subscriptions from team settings and selecting the mail tht u want to recieve ie:transfer listed players or out of contract ones etc
hey! finally found a solution... after uninstalling everything and deleting everything as well as all the HKEY stuff.. i re-installed the game on a different drive and suddenly it all seems okay...!!! i have no idea what happend or what changed. but after deleting everything and so forth then re-installing it to that drive, it was slow and laggy... but on a different drive its not... how odd eh?! well, at least now it works so thank you for your advice!! rockkkkkkkk on!!! oO)
glad u got it sorted :) yeah mayb ur old hdd was playing up tht would make sense enjoy tha game! :D