Sevilla v Spurs


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Sep 15, 2005
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I'm only making this thread for one reason.....THAT PENALTY DECISON WAS A JOKE!!! How the ref can say it was for the second contact (or whatever lame excuse he made) is just awful. I can't believe how furious I was, I actually jumped out of my seat and shouted at the TV and I don't even do that during Man Utd matches. Then later on he gave some weird drop ball when the ball hit the corner flag and went out for a corner, which I am absolutely confused by.

Anyways I'm sure Spurs will be happy with getting an away goal because I reckon Spurs can easily beat Sevilla at White Hart Lane.

Full time score:

Sevilla 2 - 1 Spurs
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LOL cool it Sean.

How the refereee could give it i don't know, the ball went the oppostite way to the player, and so robinson must have got a hand to it, from first viewing i didn't think it was a penalty, and replays proved it.

Ah well, never liked Spurs.
Lol he gave it as he "took the man after the ball" :S. And the drop ball thing he done was just weird.

As an Arsenal fan i hope spurs crash and burn but it would be nice to see the ref being fair.
European refs, can't ref to save their lives.
worst decision i ever seen! never a penalty..a blind man could of seen that! lol
They are all so anti British, I remember us this season vrs AEK in the champions League (Qual) they ref in both legs was a joke and Celtic Porto a fewe years ago was the worst i have ever seen.
That was quite a stupid decision. Robinson couldn't of timed it any better.