Shadow of the Colossus


Sep 15, 2005
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As a lone horseback traveller, your destiny is entwined with that of a lifeless young girl who lies on an altar within a vast temple. The girl is helpless, her soul has been lost and there is only one way to retrieve it...

Following a voice from the heavens, you embark on a dark and dangerous quest to seek out and slay the enormous wandering monsters that roam this strange world. Only you can defeat these formidable Colossi, and in doing so, only you can bring life to the girl who lies waiting on the altar.

Each beast is immense in size and strength, the team's new and unique motion control system giving an incredible depth of motion density. The 'Organic Collision Deformation' system enables the player to grasp and climb the Colossi with precision, stealth is also essential in navigating these ever changing, moving and dangerous terrains. You must climb these terrifying beasts and strike the deathblow that will bring them crashing to the ground. However, slaying such fearsome opponents is no easy task - before these enemies can be toppled, you must first discover how to defeat them. And the challenge does not end there; after you have slain one monster you must begin the demanding task of finding the next...

The monsters in Shadow of the Colossus present the game player with one epic terrain but another is the world they inhabit. With only your trusty horse, Agro, for company, you must explore lonely plains, mountains, lush countrysides, sinister lakes, great caves and ancient ruins. Each Colossi is unique, organically reflecting the environment in which they reside. Each one you track down takes you one step closer to discovering your destiny and the fate of the girl who remains motionless and oblivious throughout.

An intense journey of exploration, puzzle solving and eerie battle, Shadow of the Colossus also includes the distinct, highly-acclaimed graphic style that came to prominence in ICO.

Well this game was finally released yesterday and from what I've seen of it and read about it, this game is a masterpiece and should be played by everyone.

Eurogamer Review - Link
Eurogamer Review (US Import Version) - Link
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Going to buy it along with ICO when ever i find a ******* shop that has them :mad: :irked:
please when u make a thread tell us what its about :)

mt sounds ok under leeroys rec' but it really does have a poopy name
Well i got ICO for £19.99 from Tesco and Shadows for £24.97 :D
The game arrived on Wednesday but I never played it today but it was deffinately worth the wait. Same stunning visuals as ICO and same atmospheric feel.

After about 40 minutes of playing I killed my first Colossi. Took me a while to get used to the controls but after that he was easy enough.:cool:
  • Slight difference with controls, when you jump (still triangle) you have to press R1 to grab ledges/colossi etc..
  • You don't have a girl to look out for.
  • You can actually die by getting hit/stamped on and not just falling.
  • You have a sexy horse to ride about on.
  • Fight Colossi not Shadow monsters.

Finally finished the game for the first time tonight, the internets being crappy so can't play WoW so I needed something good to do.

This game was just completely epic, if I wasn't such a manly man I could of well cried on atleast 4 occasions during the last hour of gameplay.

I deffinately prefer to ICO now. :wub:
Ha i've got this but never played it cos i didn't have a mem card.
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Lee lend me it and i'll give it a go at some point :)
Will do, you can borrow ICO aswell. Probably about 14 hours gameplay time combined so not too taxing.
No thanks. I'll have to play it on the tv in the front room so i'd like to spend as little time as possible there :D
your missing out, i am going to play it again