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Shaking it up - Premier League Full Fantasy Draft 5 Year Simulation


Nov 28, 2009
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A New Direction for Premier League
In a shocking turn of events, the Chairman of the FA Greg **** has resigned immediately from his post. Citing a lack of love for the game and the ever increasing pressures of money as reasons, Mr. **** handed in his resignation and the FA have already made a replacement. Dylan Bates, a young Irish man who has no connection to football at all has been given the reigns after promising a complete revamp of the Premier League structures and guaranteeing the best league in the world.

In our exclusive interview we caught up with the new chairman Mr. Bates to see what he has planned for the league going forward.

Interviewer: Dylan congratulations on being named the new Chairman of the FA. Can you tell us what interested you in this job and how you managed to persuade everyone you are the right man for the job given your lack of experience?
Dylan: Thank you very much it is a great honour to be named Chairman. Well this job has always interested me growing up as a kid watching my beloved Liverpool. My sporting knowledge is second to none and I've watched NBA, NFL, my own national sport Gaelic Football and of course the Premier League and from watching these sports I have came up with a revolutionary idea that can be implemented here and this is the Premier League Draft.

I: The Premier League Draft?
DB: Yes, the Premier League Draft. I think you'll agree that we have the most competitive league where anyone can have success and success breeds good competition. So my plan is a 5 year plan with no relegation from the Premier League and a complete draft of every player currently in the league having the chance to change club.

I: So you are disregarding the Championship? How will the draft work?
DB: The Championship will remain as is and they will have the benefits not available to Premier League clubs because of now there is a 5 year transfer embargo on all 20 teams and they have had to terminate all player contracts. This is to facilitate the draft which will be taking place in the coming days.

I: So no transfers at all? How can clubs sign and compete?
DB: They will still be able to sign the free agents but only after the draft takes place.

I: Okay?? How will this draft work?
DB: As you know the 3 promoted clubs Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich could be seen as the weakest clubs so they have been given a 25% of being the first team out of the pot allowing them Pick 1, the next 5 clubs who are Aston Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle, Leicester and West Brom finished lowest last season and have been given a 22% of being Pick 1, West Ham, Everton, Crystal Palace, Stoke City an Swansea have a 20% chance of Pick 1, Southampton, Liverpool an Tottenham Hotspur have a 18% chance of receiving Pick 1 and finally Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea have a 15% of getting Pick 1. There will be 15 rounds of picks and the draw will be serpentine so Round 1 Pick 1 will be Round 2 Pick 20 and Round 3 Pick 1 etc.

I: Okay, that makes sense I think. So what happens to those not picked or drafted?
DB: These players are now free agents and can be signed by anyone. An unfortunate thing to happen but after 15 rounds, 300 players will have been selected. These will no doubt be a very talented bunch.

I: So have you a date in mind for the draft?
DB: Yes I can exclusively reveal that the draft will take place today in the coming hours!! I have to leave now and finalise the teams pick numbers now.

So there we have it our new Chairman Dylan Bates has announced a full draft for the 20 Premier League teams over a 5 year period. Who do you think will get the first pick? Who are the players which will be most sought after? Find out in the next few hours.

Disclaimer: All Players are sorted by current ability not potential ability so there may be some shocking decisions made lol. The computer program created is completely random and each player has an equal chance of being picked but are broken down into 20's to ensure the stronger players are generally picked.

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Nov 28, 2009
The Team Draft

Team Draft Taking Place
We can now take you live to FA HQ where our new Chairman Dylan Bates is about to reveal who gained the invaluable Pick 1 in this groundbreaking new draft system being introduced.

DB: I can now reveal that our randomised computer program has decided on the order for the first ever Premier League Draft. I have in front of me the teams and the order in which they will pick their players.

1st: Watford
2nd: Leicester
3rd: Everton
4th: Sunderland
5th: Norwich
6th: Bournemouth
7th: Newcastle
8th: West Brom
9th: Arsenal
10th: Swansea
11th: Liverpool
12th: Man Utd
13th: Spurs
14th: Crystal Palace
15th: Aston Villa
16th: Southampton
17th: Man City
18th: West Ham
19th: Stoke
20th: Chelsea

I now invite all representatives from the clubs to begin thinking up their choices. I am also delighted to announce a £200m project to improve all training and youth facilities to an equal measure to ensure all clubs can remain competitive and you will all have equal standing in this new league.

So there we have it folks. Watford will have first choice in the new draft. Who will they pick? Do you go for complete star power? Or possibly a good English core? Guess we will find out in the coming hours.



Nov 28, 2009
Sounds very interesting! I will have to keep checking back on this one!
Thanks man!! Appreciate it :) I'll have Round 1 ready to go now soon...Who you think will Watford pick?? Who would you pick??


Nov 28, 2009
The Draft Begins at 5pm GTM
Due to delay's beyond chairman Dylan Bates's control the first ever Premier League Draft will now commence at 5pm GTM. We hope you can all tune in for this historic occasion

(Have to get the garden cut before mother kills me!!)



Nov 28, 2009
Round 1 Draft

Let's just remind ourselves of the Rules. Watford were chosen for Pick 1 meaning in round 2 they will have pick 20 and Chelsea who are Round 1 Pick 20 will have Round 2 Pick 1 and so on.

And with that out of the way let us begin the draft.

Watford are first to the podium. "We at Watford are honoured to be part of this famous moment in Premier League history and we have decided that there is no better player to lead us in this new direction but the Argentinian striker Sergio Kun Aguero".
- Aguero to Watford.

Leicester are next out. "Thankfully we have a favoured draw following our last gasp survival last season. Under new manager Ranieri's guidance our first pick is Alexis Sanchez!!"
- Sanchez to Leicester.

Everton take the stage. "We have reached a decision in conjunction with what we feel is the best way to approach this new system by signing one of the best youngsters in the world Kevin de Bruyne"
- de Bruyne to Everton.

Sunderland boss Big Sam takes the floor. "German's know how to win and we want that Ozil lad".
-Ozil to Sunderland.

Norwich next out. "He was player of the year when Chelsea won the league and we pick Eden Hazard"
- Hazard to Norwich.

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe now. "Thank you to new Chairman Dylan Bates for this opportunity. We will look to build from the back therefore Thibaut Courtois is our first pick".
- Courtois to Bournemouth.

Newcastle next. "We want the best keeper in the league. David De Gea"
-de Gea to Newcastle.

West Brom's Tony Pulis next. "If you wanted the best keeper in the league you needed this guy!! We pick Petr Cech"
-Cech to West Brom

Arsene Wenger next for Arsenal. "We need to be solid at the back and I have always admired a leader of men and that man is Vincent Kompany"
-Kompany to Arsenal

Swansea to the podium now. "We have always played a certain way and value creativity highly therefore this was an obvious choice for us. Spanish playmaker David Silva"
- Silva to Swansea

Jurgen Klopp to the floor. "We have to play with fire and play rock and roll football. The board were keen on this player before and I am delighted to announce Brazilian Willian as our first choice"
- Willian to Liverpool

Man Utd next out. "Famous defenders like Ferdinand, Vidic, Stam and Blanc have always been the backbone of our success and we have announced Lourent Koscielny as our debut pick"
-Koscielny to Man Utd

Spurs are up. "Famous and infamous switches across London have plagued us in the past so we are delighted to announce Spaniard Santi Cazorla as our first pick"
- Cazorla to Spurs

Palace manager Alan Pardew next out. "Keepers are vital as you've seen from other teams picks therefore we would like Hugo Lloris as our pick please"
-Lloris to Crystal Palace

Aston Villa to the floor. "You've all picked the wrong keeper's so far. We will have Joe Hart as our pick"
- Hart to Aston Villa

Southampton are next. "We are going to take a strategic risk here on a player capable of unlocking any defence. Samir Nasri!!"
- Nasri to Southampton

Man City. "We have lost our captain which is disappointing but we won't be losing his centre back partner Nicolas Otamendi is our pick"
- Otamendi remains at Man City

West Ham now. "We value creativity from defensive positions therefore this was a no brainer Cesar Azpilicueta"
- Azpilicueta to West Ham

Stoke City's Mark Hughes. "Simple really, we need creativity to fuel our goal chances. Therefore we'd like Juan Mata"
- Mata to Stoke

Chelsea are last out. "The draw could have been kinder however we will have first pick next round. Our round 1 pick however is a player we already had on our books Juan Cuadrado"
- Cuadrado remains at Chelsea (loan to Juve terminated)

So that'll round up the first round of our Premier League draft. Expect round 2 to kick off in the next few minutes. What do you think of the first round? Any surprises? Who won round 1?


Nov 28, 2009
Round 2 Draft

Chelsea. "Following our last pick we would like to add a consistent full back to our squad. Zabaleta"
- Zabaleta to Chelsea

Stoke City. "How has this lad not been picked? Everyone's loss is our gain and Raheem Sterling is a Potter"
- Sterling to Stoke

West Ham. "Powerful running from midfield and goals assists and tackling. Yaya Toure is our second choice"
- Yaya Toure to West Ham

Man City. "This guy is a special kid and can lead our creativity going forward. Danish playmaker Eriksen"
- Eriksen to Man City

Southampton. "We need an engine and our second choice is Schweinsteiger"
- Schweinsteiger to Southampton

Aston Villa. "Our second pick hails from Barcelona's famous academy and is a terrific goalscorer from wide. Pedro"
- Pedro to Aston Villa

Palace. "This guy has been terrific since arriving in the league. Alderweireld"
- Alderweireld to Crystal Palace

Spurs. "After losing our young playmaker we shall seek a direct replacement. Phil Coutinho"
- Coutinho to Spurs

Man Utd. "We need a proven goalscorer and who better than this guy. Daniel Sturridge"
- Sturridge to Man Utd

Liverpool. "We need a drive and spark in midfield. We pick Aaron Ramsey"
- Ramsey to Liverpool

Swansea. "We pick a guy with great leadership qualities in midfield. Jordan Henderson"
- Henderson to Swansea

Arsenal. "This guy is a forgotten man but we would like him to lead our line. Jovetic"
- Jovetic to Arsenal

West Brom. "We have admired this kid a long time. We would like Danny Welbeck"
- Welbeck to West Brom

Newcastle. "We have traditionally gone for French players and this guy is what we need most. Schneiderlin is our choice"
- Schneiderlin to Newcastle

Bournemouth. "How has teams looked past this guy? We would love Chris Smalling here at Bournemouth"
- Smalling to Bournemouth

Norwich. "We need experience as well as superstars. Therefore we would love to have John Terry"
- Terry to Norwich

Sunderland. "We want a Brazilian capable of winning games therefore we would like Oscar"
- Oscar to Sunderland

Everton. "We had Arteta who was loved here at Goodison therefore we would like someone similar but younger we would like Ander Herrera"
- Herrera to Everton

Leicester. "Goals win games and this lad was on loan here once upon a time so Harry Kane welcome back"
- Kane to Leicester

Watford. "A world cup winner at centre back and a big frightening German. Per Mertesacker"
- Mertesacker to Watford

So there's Round 2 done and dusted. Who won Round 2? Which club is shaping up nicely?


Nov 28, 2009
Round 3,4 & 5 Draft

Round's 3, 4 & 5

Round 3
- Kante to Watford
- Jagielka to Leicester
- Firmino to Everton
- Baines to Sunderland
- Rooney to Norwich
- Diego Costa to Bournemouth
- Walcott to Newcastle
- Mahrez to West Brom
- Butland to Arsenal
- Giroud to Swansea
- Vardy to Liverpool
- Markovic to Man Utd
- Cesc to Spurs
- Begovic to Crystal Palace
- McCarthy to Aston Villa
- Vertonghen to Southampton
- Balotelli to Man City (Why Always Me?)
- Wilshire to West Ham
- Shawcross remains at Stoke
- Mane to Chelsea

Round 4
- Carrick to Chelsea
- Zouma to Stoke
- Sagna to West Ham
- Cabaye to Man City
- Oxlade-Chamberlain back to Southampton
- Shaw to Aston Villa
- Payet to Crystal Palace
- Matic to Spurs
- Fernandinho to Man Utd
- Milner remains at Liverpool
- Stones to Swansea
- Sigurdsson to Arsenal
- Shaqiri to West Brom
- Depay to Newcastle
- Son to Bournemouth
- Coquelin to Norwich
- Lamela to Sunderland
- Chadli to Everton
- M Sakho to Leicester
- Benteke to Watford

Round 5
- Wanyama to Watford
- Victor Valdes to Leicester
- Lukaku remains at Everton
- Blind to Sunderland
- Moreno to Norwich
- Dier to Bournemouth
- Coleman to Newcastle
- Berahino remains at West Brom
- Lallana to Arsenal
- Skrtel to Swansea
- Vorm to Liverpool
- Amrabat to Man Utd
- Szczesny to Spurs
- Kolarov to Crystal Palace
- Mirallas to Aston Villa
- E Valencia to Southampton
- M Diouf to Man City
- Lovren to West Ham
- Clyne to Stoke
- Darmian to Chelsea

With the teams now taking shape who do you think is doing the best in the draft?


Nov 28, 2009
Round 6,7 & 8 Draft

Round 6

- Forster to Watford
- Cabella to Leicester
- J Evans to Everton
- Rondon to Sunderland
- Capoue to Norwich
- Bony to Bournemouth
- Drinkwater to Newcastle
- Fellaini to West Brom
- Ospina remains at Arsenal
- Caballero to Swansea
- Delph to Liverpool
- P Jones remains at Man Utd
- Barkley to Spurs
- Bellerin to Crystal Palace
- Demichelis to Aston Villa
- Gabriel P to Southampton
- Martial to Man City
- Rojo to West Ham
- D Rose to Stoke
- Mangala to Chelsea

Round 7
- Bertrand returns to Chelsea
- Albrighton to Stoke
- W Reid remains at West Ham
- Arnautovic to Man City
- Mignolet to Southampton
- Wijnaldum to Aston Villa
- Tadic to Crystal Palace
- Gibbs to Spurs
- K Walker to Man Utd
- J Rodriguez at Liverpool
- Mario Suarez to Swansea
- A Young to Arsenal
- Dann to West Brom
- Jose Fonte to Newcastle
- Lucas Levia to Bournemouth
- Mulumbu to Norwich
- J Navas to Sunderland
- Fuchs to Everton
- Afellay to Leicester
- Monreal to Watford

Round 8
- Baba Rahman to Watford
- Alli to Leicester
- Deulofeu remains at Everton
- Elneny to Sunderland
- Ivanovic to Norwich
- Ayoze to Bournemouth
- Rosicky to Newcastle
- W Morgan at West Brom
- R Brady to Arsenal
- Ings to Swansea
- Cahill to Liverpool
- Pelle to Man Utd
- Fabianski to Spurs
- Mikel to Crystal Palace
- S Davis to Aston Villa
- Clichy to Southampton
- Schmeichel to Man City
- Layun to West Ham
- G Johnson remains at Stoke
- M Dembele to Chelsea

So now we are 8 rounds in. Which team is building a dynasty? Which teams are making poor decisions? Who would be your title favourites?


Nov 28, 2009
Round 9,10 & 11 Draft

Round's 9, 10 & 11

Round 9
- Bojan to Watford
- Cresswell to Leicester
- M Sissoko to Everton
- van Dijk to Sunderland
- A Ayew to Norwich
- J Allen to Bournemouth
- Borini to Newcastle
- Obiang to West Brom
- Clasie to Arsenal
- Cedric to Swansea
- Gradel to Liverpool
- Fazio to Man Utd
- Ogbonna to Spurs
- Janmaat to Crystal Palace
- Wollscheid to Aston Villa
- Krul to Southampton
- Nyom to Man City
- Bolasie to West Ham
- Ulloa to Stoke
- Ki to Chelsea
Round 10
- Debuchy to Chelsea
- Yacob to Stoke
- Remy to West Ham
- Huth to Man City
- Fernando to Southampton
- Okazaki to Aston Villa
- A Valencia to Crystal Palace
- Morrison to Spurs
- Jurado to Man Utd
- Long at Liverpool
- Moses to Swansea
- Cleverly to Arsenal
- van Ginkel to West Brom
- C Wilson to Newcastle
- Wimmer to Bournemouth
- Foster to Norwich
- Bentaleb to Sunderland
- Zaha to Everton
- Funes Mori to Leicester
- Imbula to Watford

Round 11
- Paloschi to Watford
- A Carroll to Leicester
- Ighalo at Everton
- F Fernandez to Sunderland
- Austin to Norwich
- Arter remains at Bournemouth
- Joselu to Newcastle
- M Richards at West Brom
- Deeney to Arsenal
- McArthur to Swansea
- Noble to Liverpool
- Naismith to Man Utd
- A Williams to Spurs
- Origi to Crystal Palace
- Ibe to Aston Villa
- Mbemba to Southampton
- Januzaj to Man City
- A Lennon to West Ham
- Emre Can to Stoke
- Adebayor to Chelsea

With only 4 rounds left to go which team has the best 11? Is time running out and more importantly is the talent drying up?


Nov 28, 2009
Round 12, 13, 14 & 15 Draft

Round's 12, 13, 14 & 15

Round 12
- Kouyate to Chelsea
- Gueye to Stoke
- D Sakho stays at West Ham
- Schluppto Man City
- Redmond to Southampton
- Khazri to Aston Villa
- Saivet to Crystal Palace
- Juanfran to Spurs
- Townsend to Man Utd
- Antonio at Liverpool
- B Watson to Swansea
- Puncheon to Arsenal
- Ledley to West Brom
- Simpson to Newcastle
- Giaccherini to Bournemouth
- Behrami to Norwich
- Howson to Sunderland
- Brunt to Everton
- Djiobodji to Leicester
- Adrian to Watford

Round 13
- Chambers to Watford
- Cameron to Leicester
- Ward-Prowse to Everton
- Denayer to Sunderland
- Ake to Norwich
- Inler to Bournemouth
- Britos to Newcastle
- J Flanagan to West Brom
- Defoe to Arsenal
- Lambert to Swansea
- Thauvin to Liverpool
- Gaston Ramirez to Man Utd
- Niasse to Spurs
- Jenkinson to Crystal Palace
- J Campbell to Aston Villa
- Juanmi to Southampton
- Mason to Man City
- Cork to West Ham
- Anita to Stoke
- Trippier to Chelsea

Round 14
- S Francis to Chelsea
- Pieters remains at Stoke
- D Fletcher to West Ham
- Cathcart to Man City
- Hennessey to Southampton
- A King to Aston Villa
- T Klose to Crystal Palace
- Lens to Spurs
- Tettey to Man Utd
- Romero at Liverpool
- Olssen to Swansea
- Sessegnon to Arsenal
- Lescott to West Brom
- Chamakh to Newcastle
- Kolo Toure to Bournemouth
- Christiansen to Norwich
- H Gomes to Sunderland
- Holebas to Everton
- Arteta to Leicester
- Barry to Watford

Round 15
- Amat to Watford
- Romeu to Leicester
- Kramaric at Everton
- Mitrovic to Sunderland
- Richie to Norwich
- Lingard to Bournemouth
- Okore to Newcastle
- J Ward to West Brom
- Luis Alberto to Arsenal
- Muniesa to Swansea
- Prodl to Liverpool
- Ireland to Man Utd
- N Dyer to Spurs
- Abdi to Crystal Palace
- B Jones to Aston Villa
- Larrson to Southampton
- B Gomis to Man City
- S de Jong to West Ham
- Montero to Stoke
- N Taylor to Chelsea

And there we have it folks. The 15 rounds of the draft are complete. Who would you install as favourites?

Now begins the 14 day window to finalise the transfers and make any additions to squads before the embargo kicks in. There'll be an update of each team shortly


Nov 28, 2009

(I know my updates where a bit off as in i messed up the top to bottom, bottom to top but the draft was implemented in that fashion just my updates are from a spreadsheet)

After the 14 day window of updates and any late signings below are the squads tasked with representing their clubs for 10 years during the embargo.

View attachment 142328

Aston Villa
View attachment 142327

View attachment 142326

View attachment 142325

Crystal Palace
View attachment 142323

View attachment 142321

View attachment 142320

View attachment 142318

Man City
View attachment 142317

Man Utd
View attachment 142316

View attachment 142315

View attachment 142314

View attachment 142313

View attachment 142312

View attachment 142311

View attachment 142310

View attachment 142309

View attachment 142308

West Brom
View attachment 142307

West Ham
View attachment 142306

Ultimately it is disappointing that clubs chose to buy foreign based players in that 14 day window but it shouldn't impact too much on the overall experiment being carried out. There will be January 1st and end of season updates for 5 seasons minimum and 10 maximum. Who's your money on for first season winners?



Jul 15, 2010
Some teams look very strong, while others look extremely unbalanced :p Going for only strikers and left backs might not be the best plan!