Share & Download FM 17 Tactics Template - PLEASE READ BEFORE SHARING

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Apr 12, 2009
There have been several 'attempts' are sharing tactics recently, and the effort is starting to get lower and lower. If you are wanting to share your tactic, please but the effort in to help us fellow members actually get on with trying (and hopefully enjoying) the tactic.

I will be putting down a hard line on this now, as it is starting to frustrate me. While tactics thread dont have to follow the template below, if they do not contain all the information in some way, the thread will be closed and the tactic link removed.

Please include all of the following in your posts:

Tactic Name:
Tactic Formation:
Screenshot of Tactic:
Tactical Information:
Opposition Instructions:
Further Comments + Extra Screenshots:
Link to tactic:

Please see the below examples of excellent posts:

If you are not sharing a tactic, but looking to show off or ask for help, please ask in the right section here: Football Manager 2017 Tactics
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