Feb 20, 2011
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Hi, I'm controlling Newcastle Utd and am currently about mid-table in the Prem. I am not disappointed with my season so far, but after almost every other game, the opposition manager will comment to the media criticising my 'approach to the game' they then say my team should 'take the opportunity to shoot, rather than trying to walk the ball into the back of the net'

I know what this means, but not sure how to do this tactically. Can anyone help me please?

Thanks :)
Tell your players to do lots of long shots via player instructions

If you are using short passing try playing direct passing with a higher tempo

Thats all i can think of sorry
Play with fast tempo. Tbh I don't really care stuff like that as long as my team play well
Dont bother the mean comments from other managers and dont bother replying to wont help you in any way.If u are satisfied with the match performance of your team just keep going.If you are not do what the above users sugested.