Sep 26, 2009
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Anyway to stop it?

I have tried all the things i can think of on the tactics front, even in game quick tactics like 'play the ball into the box' doesnt seem to stop my players from shooting from ridiculous ranges. But the opposition dont seem to do that. Any suggestions?
I've ever had this problems as well but I think I've solve it now..Try using control mentality and slow tempo.Also what position have the most long shot??For me it's my DM and AMC, thus I put 'hold up ball' instructions for both so they could wait for a better pass rather than blasting the ball away..Also check if your player have the 'shot from distance' PPM and tell them to unlearn it. If they don't wanna unlearn it then just get rid of him<)
If you've restricted their long shots and they keep doing it, check their PPMs for any "try long shots" and make them unlearn them if they do. Also, try reducing creative freedom, as they're more likely to ignore tactical instructions and try long shots with higher creative freedom.
REdcue the creatvie freedom. The more creative freedom they have, the more they will ignore your instructions.
Go into their personal/positional instructions to 'rarely' in their long shots.

This won't matter if the player has high creative freedom. He'll ignore it. Having said that, if you lower the CF, then put it on rarely, it'll work. I know because I've done this.
also if they haven't got passing options on they will shoot from range