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Should I cancel a loan deal


Aug 5, 2011
So I am currently managing Liverpool and am halfway through the Jan window when my Head Scouts' report has said that 1 player currectly at Crew in L2 is actually at L1 ability.

He has so far played played 33 games this season and is currently listed as their key player. If he stays, then he will be guaranteed to be playing, but as yet I have no idea if he would be getting game time if I recalled him then set up a loan at L1 level.

So my question is, Is guaranteed match time better for development, or playing at a higher level but not as often?


Jul 14, 2017
I've managed numerous teams in FM17. Head scout's advices doesn't always need to be the best ... My Sunderland team, wich I have for the 3rd season, has Bradford as our farmer- club. This works out fine. They are currently at top of legue 1 and looks to be promoted.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka, who is not a star yet in FM17, is a young player I bought and loaned out to our farmer club. He's now their key player. My head scout says he needs to play on a higher level. I disagree. Firstly ... they are our farmer club and I feel responsible for them in different ways ... I also have two other players out on loan to them and boh of them are doing great.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka is happy there and I wouldn't dream of taking him away from his key position for our farmer club.

So, let your young player continue to be a key player with Crewe !

NB : Oh, didn't notice the post was from 2018 ! :)