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A idan

Jan 20, 2012
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as manager of Doncaster? I'm in the premiership after two consecutive promotions and we won the JPT in the first season as well.

Finances are rapidly shooting up (36M expected by the end of the season) and I have a good range of young players in and around the first team squad.

It feels different though since we got promoted to this league. The difference in class seems way too big and I feel like the team isn't playing as well as we have in the other two leagues. I'm only 5 games in and my results have been:

Tottenham (a) - L 1-3
Newcastle (h) - L 1-2
Bristol Rovers (cup (h)) - W 4-2
Sunderland (a) - W 3-0
Man United - D 1-1

I fear though that if I resign I won't get a better opportunity than this one now. What do you guys reckon?
It seems you either are crying out for attention or just need a confidence boost from reading that. Those results aren't that bad for a newly promoted team; and you're only 5 games in....

Either enjoy building your team further taking the rough with the smooth, not to mention playing in the top league having got them there, or don't. It's a game, do whatever makes you enjoy it :/
I reckon you should stop starting pointless threads and play the game yourself.

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