Jun 9, 2011
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So im in my first season with Wolfsburg and as the title says i m deliberating whether to sell my best player Diego. He s 27, and worth 9.5 million so could probably get 15-20 for him, basically he's been playing averagely and i need the money to re-invest in the team, plus hes on 150k a week !!!.
So i m just asking whether its worth selling my best player, will this have any adverse effects on my team?
Also if i do sell, can anyone tell me any good young german players to spend my money on?

Thanks in advance
Yeah if you already know who you can get to replace him
I would sell, not sure about a german player but possibly buy Adryan - 875k buy out clause, excellent player and one for the future.
mate surely sell him and bring in Wellington Nem from Fluminense for 3.5m release clause, also his wages of 150k are immense so surely selling him is the best decision
Yeah I'd sell, like you said it's a fair bit of money and your saving almost £8 mil a year on wages!! Adryan turns into a very good player, then most of dortmunds midfielders turn out amazing but they probably won't sell to you...Anderson from man u is always transfer listed, or theres dzagoev if you can get him?
+1. You could easily reinvest that money in good enough replacements and at the same time trim your wage bill. You could look at the following as replacements:

Adryan - £875k
Wellington Nem - £3.5m
Otavio - £13.75m
Isco - £17.5m
thanks for the help guys, definitely going to sell him and will take a look at the guys you've suggested.