Jul 25, 2010
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I bought Nasri from Arsenal for my Inter squad before the 2011/2012 season, he performed nicely for the first 3 weeks, then picked a broken lower leg injury which put him out for 6 months.

Now, starting the 2012/2013 season, I'm considering selling him, he's a quality player, no doubt about it, but I can't afford to lose him to a new injury.

So my question is this, is he very injury prone, or was this a one time thing, based on this I'll either sell him and get someone else (Gourcuff or Balotelli or Modric) or I'll keep him.

I have still 50 Million in my budget, which I can increase to 70 Million + getting some 20 Million for him.
You probly cant get as much as you paid for him right? Keep him. If he gets a broken leg it doesn't mean he is injury prone.
In my report Pablo Zabaleta is a player who might have injury problems. After 2 season he hasn't gotten a single injury. :S
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Any player can pick up an injury it was just bad luck really, i would suggest giving him another season and see how he does for you. He's allways done well for me
for my arsenal save he is probably my best player, and not injury prone.
but from a business point of view you have to make a profit
question? what are his stats like? has his performance gone down in last 3 years?
So far he has good stats, it's still pre season ofcourse, I have good cover for the position, with Arda Turan, Biabiaby, Pandev and Granero.

Actually, that's another thing, are the injuries over done in FM11, I have my team at medium training load, they pick a lot of injuries in match and on international duty, at any given point in time I have 5 to 7 players injured, particularly new comers.

Last season I had long term injuries for Nasri and Acquafresca (Both new comers), this season already Granero has gone on a 3 month injury on international duty.
Nasri is a quality player and seeing as you have a huge budget anyway, id give him the benefit of the doubt, ive had players break a leg and that was the only major injury they had in there career. Hes still young to so 1 season later if hasnt preformed you could still recoup majority of what you paid for him
I think you can sell Samir Nasri and buy Eden Hazard (Lille), Paulo Henrique (Santos), Javier Pastore (Palermo), Miralem Pjanic (Lyon) or Toni Kroos (Bayern).
I think you can sell Samir Nasri and buy Eden Hazard (Lille), Paulo Henrique (Santos), Javier Pastore (Palermo), Miralem Pjanic (Lyon) or Toni Kroos (Bayern).

did u say sell Nasri

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