Feb 22, 2012
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I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to things being accurate, so I have dabbled with the idea of downloading a transfer update - however I don't want the nature of the game to be altered too much and it also bothers me starting the season with players at teams that didn't start there etc. but yet it bugs me not having players at teams etc...

Also the fact that they get updated most weeks also poses a problem...

Are the transfer updates worth it or is it best to just use the default database?
I must admit I never see the point with transfer updates, one of the best things is signing my own players, if you updated for the summer window then why not for this January, then next summer etc...see my point?

Have there really been any outstanding players signed that aren't included?
It's mainly to do with the players being at the right clubs...for example, one of the first thing that happens in most of my games is that Sturridge signs a new contract with Chelsea - but he is now at Liverpool. But if I did the update he would be at Liverpool at the start of the season, which he wasn't...

Also managers not at the right clubs etc...

Maybe I should carry on with the original database until the window is closed then the game will be nearly 100% accurate until next season then!
To be fair things change hugely at the end of the first season anyway! Depends who you support as you say, if you were Liverpool and you really really wanted Sturridge...? :)
Yeah I guess so, I am a Chelsea fan but prefer to go a Championship side so even if I did update everything - it probably wouldn't be accurate by the time I had the chance to get promoted/change teams etc...never thought of that - cheers!
Yeah you should. See Demba Ba score a hat trick past you while at St James Park just doesn't seem right.

I recommend Marshall's update. It is the best one I've come across and he constantly updates it.
I like to update the game at the end of the transfer window I tend to look at lfcmarshalls? I did last year , I just feel its more to real life rather than players scoring past you at there old clubs ! Especially excited for nufc as made some quality signings
Sorry to bump an old thread, but didn't really see the need to make a new one just for one question.

How long does it usually take for SI to come out with the deadline day database update after the real life deadline? I can't remember how long it was last year. I'm ready to start a new game, but would kinda like the updates first. Thanks in advance.