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Sep 18, 2005
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sign Steven Gerrard for...43m?! Im Real, start of second season, and Im after a world class MC like him. Im not after someone with potential, but someone who has a very high current ability like him. I've had a 12m bid rejected for Mascherano. I know its alot, but I am madrid so what the hey?! Should I sign him, or can anyone else recommend somenoe like him?
Gerrard is simply brilliant and definately worth £43m, he will be a consistent 8+ performer, are you looking for someone to hold back in midfield or go forward from MC because Kaka can play MC and he's superb, on my game Chelsea got him for £34m.

Tim Cahill has been great for me, I know he isnt in the same league as Gerrard but just have a look.

Hope ive helped
first you have to let us know what position do you want him to play in what formation?
Ok, I use two MC's who have arrows dropping back to DMC, with a defensive mentality, so Kaka probably isnt the right guy, but thnx anyway

I use 3-4-3 Jasson :D
with better work rate and teamwork ( not forgeting all defensive move ) , i think Daniele De Rossi
definitely more suit for you
If he wants to join then i shall say Pirlo, he is fantastic as Defensive midfielder and Midfielder