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Shout Combinations for beating high pressure?

Aug 1, 2010
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I am playing with JPWoody's 352 tactic, just for background.

But I wanted to post this as a question for discussion; what kind of shout combinations do you think are generally good for punishing the opponent for pressing you too much?

I was thinking, for instance, "run at defence" but in my case, all the players who are good at it already have RWB often.

Other thoughts were "hit early crosses" and "get ball forward". This would essentially bypass excessive passing, which just increases the chance of a player ******** up under pressure, and so therefore should create more chances against pressure; assuming the team is good enough, of course.

The other thought I had was something like "retain possession" with "cross from deep". This way we sort of pass the ball around seemingly aimlessly then all of a sudden bomb in a deep cross to get the defense out of position, hopefully winning the ball and getting a chance with the defense unorganized.

I'm just wondering if people have thoughts or already have put together shouts to beat high pressure. Essentially I'm still struggling to get what I expect from some away matches where I feel we should play better. Part of this is just that away form is difficult in FM13; but, any input on shout combos that people have built up from experience would be helpful.