Shrewsbury Town - From shoestring to Diamond Ring


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May 21, 2010
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Shrews Unveil New Manager

Shrewsbury Town FC, a team festering away in the depths of English League 2, have announced the shock appointment of a new manager for the season ahead.
22 unheralded Scotsman, Scott Hood, who has previously been in charge of lowly Central Scotland League side Edinburgh University, was given a 2 - year contract by the Shrews, as they attempt to reach the play-offs, and drag themselves out of League 2 at last.
Chairman Roland Wycherley said, "Some fans have been showing their displeasure at this appointment this morning already. I had heard we were going for a big Paul Ince. I can't say I have a clue where the rumour started, but it wasn't here! No, in all seriousness, Scott has the backing of this board, 100%, and we hope he can lead this team to League 1.
Less pleased however were the Shrews fans. Supporters Club spokesman Paul Doomin, told us "We don't want this guy! Who is he? We were promised Paul Ince or that guy that went mad managing Hull! No, this just wont do! If I hadn't already bought me season ticket, the money would be staying in me pocket!"
Only time will tell whether Hood can bring the Shrews fans around. Will he gain promotion to League 1 that the fans so desperately want, or will this be one of the shortest managerial reigns in history?

Shrews' Boss Dipping His Feet

It's been a tough first few days for new Shrewsbury boss Scott Hood. The 22 year-old has been rejected outright by supporters of the club, who had expected to see a big name out of work manager come into the hotseat, instead of a man who's only managerial experience previously has been in amateur football.
"Yeah, it's been a tough week," the young Scot told us, "I've had letters already, every morning, telling me to "**** off back up the road!" and questioning my ability. It does put a bit of a downer on you...but what can you do? I just have to get on with my job."
The youngster has already been looking to implement changes at the club, and has been tirelessly working away, as he looks to strenghthen his squad for the season ahead.
"Yeah, we've looked at a few players, and there have been a few who were very keen to sign for us, but we haven't brought anyone in yet. We want to make sure we are bringing in the right guys. I hope to have some new faces to show off to the fans soon enough."