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Signing overseas players for LLM saves after brexit...the non cheating way


Jan 14, 2018
Hi All, first post so apologies if its rubbish, but im here to hopefully help to breathe some life back into your LLM saves by using my method to allow you to bring in overseas players even after brexit.

ill start with a quick overview of the most commonly seen rules after brexit:

and the key part of this, that allows for my system to be feasible is this bit in particular


so if a player is a regular international, he will be able to join you?

but i cant sign a full international at VNL level...they wont want to come

ill keep this short and sweet, but what i use is the BAPS (brexit avoidance pyramid system) to sign players, increasing in quality as you move up the leagues

the strategy uses the world rankings as a guide, and simplified breaks teams down into the following categories :


Elite nations are 1-10 ranking
top tier 11-20
average 20-40
poor 40-80
awful 81+

so if you are in the vanarama national, you arent going to get anyone who plays regular for an elite country, as a spanish international wont come to you

but an Andorran international might..
a san marinonian? might...

and as you move up the leagues, you follow the pyramid up

ill use an example to explain how it works:

you are managing bromley in the VNL
go to world rankings
scroll to the bottom (San Marino)
view players by international
organise by caps
work from the top to bottom, seeing who is available on a free or willing to join
move onto the next team if unsuccessful, or you need more players (sri lanka pakistan etc.)

i can pretty much guarantee youll get at least 3/4 players willing to sign, who are full internationals and better than the average english player available for the same money by a decent way

Take David Tomassini for example (ignore the stars, this is on my lazio save)


Available on a free, 21 years old and with no outstanding stats, but with 9 finishing, 13 acceleration and 12 pace, alongside 10 off the ball, he will be a more than handy option at VNL level, and only wants £80 per week in my save.

now your mileage will vary, and you might spend hours looking through rubbish national team players, but if you find one or two for your team, to bring some overseas flair, its worth it...right?

again, sorry for the very simplistic style to this post, and possibly for it being hard to follow, but i really do hope this helps someone!

thanks <3
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