Signing players, wage problem - with pics

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What is the issue here?

I have enough on the wage budget, but I supposedly have board restrictions? What am I missing?

Thats the way FM works. Only because you have room in youor budget does not mean you can spend it on one single player. If you have a budget of 925k and start without players, you cant offer your first player the whole sum, only a certain %-age of it and here, its the same thing.

One could argue that in real life, the manager or rather the one handling the negotiating could sit down with the board and discuss the matter and say, "this is the last player I will sign" but in FM, that would not be possible coding as it needs to work the same way for the CPU as well and they cant make that call, make that kind of plan for the coming 12-24 months.
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Yeah I get that, but that's not all of it.

37K of 100k, I could nearly get 3 players around a similar wage?
Looking at your averga wage, its around 20k. Now, you can offer 32 for a key player but as he is only a rotation to you, then you are limited to less.