Simpsons Movie Confirmed

hmm i hope it isnt bad as i , like most, love the simpsons

need some new ones on channel 4 though, feels like im watching the same 4 or 5 over and over
Yea The film will be great, Should have made it years ago !!
(Homer style Wahoo) should be good :D
There's previews for it being shown before the start of Ice Age 2 apparently. :)
Ill bet you just know that because you went to see Ice Age :D
The film better be an improvement on the recent episodes as 9 times out of 10 they suck balls. Maybe 1 funny moment if your lucky.

The Family Guy movie was pretty good (not as good as the normal tv show though) so hopefully The Simpsons movie can be that sort of standard.

Kris said:
Ill bet you just know that because you went to see Ice Age :D

He wishes.

/me does too :(
if you went the now you would be surrounded by 4 year olds
OK, i'll admit it, i went to see ICE AGE 2 with my little sister today.... i was bored. And yes, they previewed the Simpsons movie, i think it said June 27 2007. There were few, if any actual clips as far as i can remember though.
It's getting closer!!

Yes July the 27th it's out! I actually can't wait, it best be good :mad:


Plot Outline:

Homer must save the world from a catastrophe he himself created.

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From all of the adverts I have seen it has looked pretty funny. Maybe that's why the recent seasons have been shocking as they have been saving all the funny for the movie ;)
Or they're using all the funny in the adverts.
hot fuzz was so over-rated...i thought it was a diabolical film
Hot Fuzz was good. I enjoyed it.
Hot Fuzz was good, i enjoyed it.

Anyway, Simpsons movie, i hope your not right about the funny in the adverts.