Sir Goalalot - (4-2-3-1) - FM 18.3


Feb 7, 2012
Sir Goalalot
Made by The Wibe

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Patch (18.3)

The Idea

The Idea behind the tactic is high pressing/counter attacking football.
To make your team turn defense into attack as fast as possible.
I use 4-2-3-1 because I'ts not only my favorite formation, but it also brings a nice balance to how the team play!
It is both suitable for matches were your team gets a'lot of counter attacks,
but also when you meat teams that "parks the bus", and your team need to break it down.

The formation

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Pre Season
When your team have high team coheasion

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When your team have low team coheasion
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During Season

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(TACTICS ONLY) MIGHT CHANGE TO OFFENSIVE MOVEMENTS!!! Huge thanks to intensa for pointing it out!

Great Tactic, Thx Dude

Just a simply remark, I use Att.Movement all the time and results are good.
Don't understand why you suggest using Match Tactics ?
Originally Posted by TheWibe

I have to say, I have been trying it for a couple of games now, and realize that I might have been a bit "blind" to (tactics only). Because it seemed to make a huge difference to the overall aggression and offensive movement to the team! Simply looks and feels more amazing after changing it to (Offensive movements)!!

Individual training

Train with a HIGH workload!


Sweeper Keeper


Full Back


Full Back


Central Defender


Central Midfielder


Advanced Playmaker

LW (left footed)


RW (right footed)





Hønefoss BK

Season 1
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Season 2
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Season 3
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Season 4
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Season 5
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Useful tips!

Opposite Instructions

Staff responsibility's
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When your team gets a red card?

take out either the ST or the AMC (You choose, I prefer to take out the AMC)

PPM's? (Player Preferred Moves)

What I do is that I look at what my assistant manager (or whoever's in charge of giving the advice about training) is suggesting. And then I just choose if I want to accept it or not.. They usually give pretty decent suggestions!

What kind of wingers work best? inverted foot or not?
Left footed on left side and Right footed on right side

who takes the corners

I usually don't choose anyone, so if you want to choose a specific player, take the player with the highest attributes.
(except the ST, CDL and CDR! or the GK ofc, if that's even possible)


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Player filter
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Check out post #53 to see how to insert it in game.

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Feb 7, 2012
Results from others

Great start, media prediction 7 and no transfers.

Started a game with Celtic and made no signings for the first team.

Results so far:

UCL - 6-0 away to Alashkert
UCL - 5-0 home to Alashkert (second string team)
UCL - 0-1 away to Rjelka (missed a heap of chances)
UCL - 3-0 home to Rjeka
SPFL - 3-0 home to Hearts

Liking it so far. Good to have a formation where you dont need to retrain players or play others out of position
Awesome tactic for all the 4-2-3-1 lovers !
Thanks for that TheWibe ! Team plays very well..
I chose Tottenham for this tactic and it suits perfectly...

I don't have screenshots but :
Manchester United 1-2 Tottenham
Tottenham 3-0 Manchester City
Liverpool 1-3 Tottenham
Unbeatable at home also..
I have been playing a few games now, and the tactic seems to be working really well. Beautiful play, lots of goals and from multiple players at the same time.
I haven't met any of the big clubs yet, but I feel really confident against the smaller teams and have been winning those game without any big hassle:
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I'm going up against Real Madrid, Sporting CP and Barcelona in the upcoming games which will be the real test!
Won the PL with Palace in my first season!
WOW In the second season, tactics give a fantastic result.:O:O:O
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thank you for make me like this game again so this is resume of my seasson with benfica not a big deal but look what in january make in my team and look my team i think its a great seasson for this team after all . before man utd games my 2 GK injury in the same game and i have to go with my 3 GK sorry for my english and i hope you like
Season ended. Domestic treble won, but lost the CL quarter final to Barcelona. All with default Celtic squad. Wonderful tactic. Cheers thewibe
The first I match I played with this tactic was the home game against Kobenhaven and I haven't conceded a goal in the league since I started using it.
for Example, my last results with Att.Movement :

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PS : Sorry, i'm french so picture is in French ;-)
Last one, I promiss :)

Just to show you that Att.Movement can be Great :

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Mar 27, 2015
Could you translate the training plz mate
high team cohesion: Physical main focus and high intensity.
low team cohesion: teamwork main focus and high intensity.
during season: Balanced main focus and high intensity.