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Sep 16, 2005
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Well I wasnt gunna post until I saw proof and I have! He def gobbed on Lennon the ****! To make it worse Berra and Hartley are backing Skacel up saying he didnt do it! To make it even worse, hes done it ebfore to poor wee Stuart Duff! To make it even even worse nothings gunna happen to him cos the ref didnt see it. Fianlly the icing on the gob cake, Lennon got booked for it, I would have k/o Skacel for spitting on me never mind jsut get done for dissent.

\rant over
No remorse for Lennon. Lennon is a cheat. Last season he fell over at nothing and claimed that Juanjo headbutted him, he cost us possible points as Juanjo was sent off. Video Evidence showed that Juanjo was at least 2 yards away from Lennon.
Pht that one time, think how many times Skacel has dived, more importantly how many times Juanjo has!
Juanjo got a reputation after about two games, he then cut it out after being told to, he barely dived towards the end of his caley career, might have started again at Hamilton.
Spitting at someone is the lowest of the low though and if he did do it he should be punished for it. Getting himself a bit of a bad reputation overall though, Skacel.
yup, to add to his rep as the worst diver in the SPL

Lennon deserves it the arogant ginger fat **** :D

He will get find because it's a Celtic player but when it happeed to Duff it went un punished.
Yea Gregor stfu Your a Celtic fan Petrov,maloney the wee ***** got Fyysas sent off Sutton and Hartson all divers.
Kris, Skacel is by far the worst. Petrov doesnt even go down that easily and dived like twice 3 years ago. Skacel makes Drogba look good.

Lennon deserve nothin hes got! Does he deserve the death threats and the various assaultings hes had just becuase on the football pitch hes a bit of a ******. When you played football didnt you enjoy winding people up?
iv seen the "proof" (the pic in the Sun)

he's looking to his right and spitting. It doesn't show that lennon is beside Skacel, he could be infront or behind him.

As 4 Lennon, well I like most can't stand him......but he doesn't deserve the death threats.
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look lennon is a legend ... but all that aside no professional footballer deserves to be gobed on its just wrong:yuck: rudi has showen how unprofessional he is and if hearts decide to back that then they deserve romanov because he will be the death of that club and a wouldnt wish him on any club he is eating through hearts like cancer and wont be happy untill he names himself as manager:irked:
Those pics prove nothing!!! Photoshop works wonders nowadays.

If Pressley is backing Rudi then i think he is inocent.
Kris said:
Those pics prove nothing!!! Photoshop works wonders nowadays.


hope thats a poor joke. Why would a national news paper run the risk of being sued for a sotry which will only last for a month tops
I also think it could of been photoshoped, Skacels face in the first one looks wierd and tho his lips are sticking out a bit it doesnt look as if hes spitting.
Like I said b4, he's looking to his right and spitting. It doesn't show that lennon is beside Skacel, he could be infront or behind him.

Can't see it been fake, like Gregor said they wouldn't risk being sued.
They are a tabloid newpaper of course they will risk it, even if they were sued the publicity they would get from it would be worth it.
The Sun are always getting sued and making small collums saing sorry to someone or other.