Skin: FMC skin for FM 13 and FM 13 match skin work together?


Sep 9, 2009
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Sorry to pester the community again, the chances are there is already an answer to this, however I couldn’t find one.

I am curious if two skins can be integrated into one for two separate parts of the game. I use FMC for FM 13 skin, because to be quite frank I like the skin as I like the idea of having graphics in my news and a few other tid bits I like, I started using the skin once and never looked back.

However since using FMC for FM13 I have missed how the match day looks when played under the generic skin. See in the FMC for FM 13 skin, when you go into the match day there is one thing that is missing, reporting of milestone news. Is there a possibility of putting milestone news into the FMC for FM13 skin or possibly even a merge of FMC for FM13 and the generic FM 13 skin, such as FMC for FM 13 for management stuff and the generic skin used for match day only?

Or is this impossible?