Mar 12, 2009
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Hi. I am using FM2009 through 'steam'. I have successfully downloaded the 'Three' skin and it looks great with one problem. The right arrow of the two arrows at the top left of screen which enable you to go back and forwards is greyed out so that I cannot proceed so I am stuck on openeing day. I can perform the training set up etc but when returning to the main screen to proceed to the next step I am stuck as I cannot proceed. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a solution?
Maybe you have something you need to confirm first? Maybe a new item that needs a reply or maybe confirming tactical changes.
I had a good look through but could not find anything. I had this when I started an existing game shortly after I downloaded the skin so I started again and started a new game but it is still greyed out!
Try changing back to the default skin. If the problem is still there then there must be something you haven't confirmed.
Will do. Thanks for your help, I will get back to you.

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I did change back to the original skin and noticed that there is a "continue" button below the two arrows in question (which works OK). I reverted back to the new "Three" skin and saw that there is the word 'continue' below these two arrows but mine is in a blue lettering which is barely discernable to my old eyes. This is now working quite well.
Thanks for your assistance which was much appreciated.
Glad to hear you have it working now! :)
The reason for my problem was the fact that I could not see the 'continue' button (on 'three') which blended in to the background. I therefore downloaded the 'itunes 09' and the 'echelon' skins but had the same problem with other screenshots - I cannot discern them. I have returned to the original as I have scoured the boards for a 'readable' skin but to no avail.
Have you got the correct settings on your monitor?
Yes mate. I have no problems with the original skin or other web pages. With the skins associated with FM2009 I find that the attributes figures seem to belend into the background and are hard to read. They are very effective but too dark for mine. If I was a clued up computer graphics expert I would have a go at producing one myself but I am way out of this league.
I have since found that the "Turnstyle" skin is perfect for me.