Skins Added

Good stuff James :thup:
thanks. but are there any screenies?
If you click on the links Trav, there is a "screenshot:" row, and it has a link in (says View).
Nah it is a small link so we'll let you off :)
Anybody found Turnstyle 07 yet? Or is there one yet? How many questions can I ask at once? Does anyone care???

Classic skin anyway.....
Thank you, Thank You, I know, Didnt think so.
New skin called Siple by Rosenberg (Groove06 creator).

It's called Siple and is a relatively simple skin, easy on the eyes, it's not my cup of tea but many will like, it's available to download here:

Siple By Rosenberg.
As i've said before i prefer curvy skins but as straight skins go thats quite nice!
I like the 'idea' of the skin but it could have been done a lot better to be honest.