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Guiu Ginel

Dec 29, 2012
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Mkay.So.I'd like to start by thanking you for taking a look at my thread.I have a problem.Whatever skin I'd download I can't see it in the skin menu in FM13,meaning I can only see the default ones.
I've searched through the threads in this section,haven't seen my problem so far,and to use the search button,honestly,I don't know what to search.

Now,in order to back my complainings,I made two screenshots,one made in-game and one of my 'skins' folder.
I would like to know what is the problem and how can I fix this?I mention that I didn't had any kind of problems with using skins in FM12,this is the first time I'm encountering something like this.

Any kind of help would be very much appreciated.

Hi, not sure but try these two things. 1, I do not have my skins folder inside a graphics folder, I just have a skins folder on it's own.
should not make any difference but worth a try. 2, Press your reload skin button ( should be bottom right ) and your other skins should appear in your list of skins.
My 'skins' folder is placed in the graphics folder in the SI folder in My Documents.So,no problem with that.As for the other solution,I reloaded the skin,still,nothing else appears in the list.
Thanks for your help though mate.
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Skin folder should not be in graphics forlder.
Click on Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences wich you have done so your problem is your skin folder is in the wrong directory