Feb 17, 2009
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Is it possible someone can have a look at my skin please. This is the first one I have tried. It is based on West Ham United (sorry guys). I have followed some instructions word for word and changed colours, background etc and saved in my skins folder, but for some reason FM2009 doesn't pick up the file at all.I have added the file as a rar. Please Help. Many thanks in advance.
My football game is messed up all the writing is white so you can barely play it like even when its a white background the writing is white what can i do to fix it its so hard and annoying plaing like this please help how can i take pic of this and show yous
get the screen up that you want to show and press your "print screen" key on your keyboard.(will say prt sc on it). then goto paint from Start>all programs>accessories. paste into there and save as jpeg. then goto

and upload to here. should take less then 10 minutes. once you have done this you need to register and it will give you a link. copy and paste this link to your post and anyone can download and see it. It is all free also. good luck.
Uh huh or you could just save it on your PC and upload it directly.
im havin the same problem, so i no what situation ur in