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Skrtel: This is our year


Nice Guy Gramps
Oct 23, 2009
It was never going to be our year, having Roy as manager the majority made sure of that.. He may have done well with Fulham, but it was pretty clear to see from the start his style of football doesn't suit Liverpool, it was never going to work.

Since Kenny has come in we've actually played football, or improved from what we did when Roy was manager. But next season I think we could get our 'top four' status back. We'll have the team we have now plus Insua back after his year-long loan, Alberto will be back as it doesn't look like he'll be leaving and I bet Kenny will use him and getting playing like he can, he did it with Raul? And theres talks about is having around £40m to spend on new faces.

So it's looking pretty good for us I'd say..
I'd agree with that (even though it does pain me to agree lol). At the moment, its transistional, and just rebuilding, and getting the best league finish possible. Have a feeling they'll be back with a vengance next year. And that worries me lol