Aug 16, 2009
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Well, this is my first FM Story ever and I never wrote something like this so let's see where I get with it. Since my mother language is portuguese and not english I beg for some tolerance to errors during my posts. I hope I'll receive some replies helping me improve the story creation experience because suggestions and corrections are very welcome.

Here we go...

Larnaka, 27 june 2010 - The summer is wakening over Cyprus when an unexpected news leaves all at Anarthosis Famagusta FC speechless: their new manager Stanimir Stoilov was taken into custody by the czech police accused of being related with the recent activity of the bulgarian mafia network outside the country. An official statement was released by the Anorthosis chairman Kyriakos Kousis few hours after the incident announcing the dismissal of Stoilov's services at the club taking effect immediately. With the pre-season knocking on the door, a quick solution was needed to solve this issue at Antonis Papadopoulos.


Genoa, 1 july 2010 - On an informal chat live during work, Skuhravy says that he was willing to try the manager career if the opportunity rises - he currently lives in Genoa and owns a night club besides being a pundit on a local TV channel - since that's an old dream never turned into reality until that day. He said that the years after his retirement as player were important to stay with the family, relax, enjoy life without stress but it was time to get back to the pitch, or better, to the bench, but as a manager.


Larnaka, 7 july 2010 - One of the player scouts at Anorthosis hears the recent revelation of Skuhravy's will to become manager and rushes to share the fact with the club's chairman. "Well, he's someone with no experience at all as a manager but a very experienced star player in the past so... maybe we can take the risk and ask about his demands and desires", concluded Kousis. "Although next year will be our centenary and we want to achieve a as successful as possible season, we have to keep our feet on the ground and don't take any extra expenses because the club's financial situation is not the best at the moment". Being a rookie manager with no experience Skuhravy was looking for something "lighter" that won't give him too much headache for the start. He knew it wouldn't be easy to catch the attention of the big clubs but that was exactly what he wanted, a not so big club to make the first step, what he didn't know is that Anorthosis was only a few minutes away. The mobile phone rings and 36 hours after he was on board of the Alitalia flight AZ 7704 to Larnaka to start a new era on his football life.


Let the show begin... (H)
Time for some facts and info related with this save and new career. I've never been a person of "big clubs", I play FM since the early days of CM back in the 90's and my choices rarely went on starting saves with the strongest clubs. I don't know what is to manage Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United or even FC Porto (my favourite club in my country) and that's why in real life I love Eintracht Frankfurt and Madureira EC (a small club from the 4th national division in Brazil) instead of Bayern Munich and Flamengo. No doubt FC Porto is an exception in my football life.

For this save I selected not less than 21 national leagues - top 2 divisions of each - and here is the list (I do hope my computer doesn't crash and burn with so many): Morocco, Tunisia, Mexico, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Holland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro. The size of the database is "small".
Well, after you read this list of "interesting" championships you might wonder what a **** am I doing? Where's the English and Spanish leagues? Yes, the only big leagues here is the german and the italian ones because I want this save to be different from all my previous, I want to try new leagues and new experiences. I want to be big among the small and that's why I made these choices. I believe a save can always be interesting and challenging even with minor or less important leagues/clubs.
Let's pray for those new alternative leagues installed for the first time to work 100% well and don't destroy the save.

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Larnaka, 9 july 2010 - After meeting with the board Skuhravy leaves the stadium premises with his first manager contract signed for 2 seasons and a bag full of hopes for a good start. The meeting went well, he liked the way the board dealt with his requests and limitations and now everything is set.
Tomorrow is the big day, the day when Tomas will get back to his football life and start a new era on the book... Let's work!


The objectives for the season are set and the lads will be working to gain qualification to the Europa League next season which means they must finish in 4th at least. There won't be too much pression on the Cypriot Cup campaign since the board doesn't see it as an important competition at the moment. Before the arrival of Skuhravy at the club Anorthosis already eliminated EB/Streymur (Faroe Islands) in the 1st qualification round of the Europa League after winning 4-0 away on the first leg and 5-0 home on the second one.



Skuhravy is in "tha house" and is time to deal with the possible squad transfers (the financial situation is not the best so we do not expect to see too many new faces but some players may be leaving).

Keep in touch for updates...

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After a deep analisys on the squad with the help of his assistant Mirko Mihic, Skuhravy released the official list of players that will be offloaded from the club. Here are the names:

. GK - Nikolas Asprogenous (Loan from Omonia Nicosia)
. D C - Biel Medina (Loan from Gimnàstic - ESP)
. D L - Kostas Mavris
. DM - Mark Fotheringham
. M C - Ronald García (Loan from Aris - GRE)
. AM L - Stelios Katsouris
. AM R - Giorgos Libouris
. AM R - Ricardo Laborde
. ST - Christakis Christou
. ST - Lucas Concistre
. ST - Andreas Christou

There won't be much time avaliable for Skuhravy prepare the squad for the upcoming season since the team is already playing the Europa League qualification rounds and the next game will be in a 6 days time against Gorica (SVN).
When asked during his first press conference at the club if new players would be contracted he replied that it's still early to confirm anything and there ain't any names on the table yet.

--- AE ANORTHOSIS FAMAGUSTA FC (Season 2010/11) ---

- Goalkeepers -

. Matus Kozacik
. Marcos Argüello
. Gavriil Konstantinou

- Defenders -

. Janicio
. Brachi
. Jeffrey Leiwakabessy
. Marko Vidovic
. Giorgos Giorgiou
. Valentinos Sielis
. Pablo Frontini
. Andreas Andreou
. Michalis Panteli

- Midfielders -

. Christos Marangos
. Christoforos Christofi
. Giannis Skopelitis [Captain]
. Carles Coto
. Cristovão Ramos
. Vincent Laban
. Damián Lizio

- Forwards -

. Giannis Okkas [Sub-Captain]
. Cafu
. Andreas Papathanasiou
. Andreas Kyprianou
. Chrysovalantis Panagiotou
. Markos Michail

The star player of the team is the experienced cypriot striker Okkas who is 3 games away from his 100th cap for his country.


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Larnaka, 22 july 2010 - Not the best start for the new Anorthosis manager after being eliminated by the slovenian team Gorica on the 2nd qualifying round of Europa League tonight. The cypriots lost the first game away by 2-1 and conceed a 1-1 draw home. Skuhravy states that suffering a goal in the very first minutes on both games made things even tougher. Now is time to concentrate on the remaining pre-season and get ready to play for real on the championship. The debut game will be away against their biggest rivals Omonia Nicosia.


Nova Gorica, 15-07-2010

Larnaka, 22 july 2010

Start a game home suffering a goal on the first minute is nooooot nice... :mad:
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Pre-season is over...

----- End of the Pre-season -----

After the Europa League elimination Anorthosis was able to schedule a few preparation matches for the start of the championship. Skuhravy finally revealed the new faces at Antonis Papadopoulos and is starting to shape the squad his way. Fans are specially excited with the transfer of the nigerian youngster promise Yakubu Alfa. It's likely that Skuhravy will bring a couple of new players in the next few days, specially a left defender to cover Leiwakabessy's recent injury that will last for 3 or 4 months.

--- Players IN ---

. ST - Yakubu Alfa (Free Transfer)
. ST - Semir Agovic (Free Transfer)
. ST - Vaselin Stoykov (Pirin - €80K)


--- Pre-season Results ---​

. Anorthosis 4-1 Anorthosis II (Frontini, Skopelitis, Kyprianou, Cafu)
. Lysis 0-2 Anorthosis (Laban 2)
. Anorthosis 4-0 Aris Limassol (Lizio, Brachi, Okkas 2)

interesting read my friend i mainly do the big leagues generally because my knowledge of the smaller ones is poor although i am determined to start with a small league an gain knowledge that way etc, i wanted to ask you my friend how u manage to do the pages on thsi site cos im doing a milan save and wanted to do something similar but use maybe a different site etc any advice would be greatly appreciated
Thank's for your reply. To do the thing I used the template given by the forum on its rules thread. They provide you with some Photoshop templates like that one so you only need to put the photos you want and write your part of the text. You can also create something similar by screen printing a especific website page than working on it on Photoshop (or a similar software).
I'm not a Photoshop pro but can try to help if it's inside my knowledge.
--- Transfers Update ---

Larnaka, 17 august 2010 - Mame N'Diaye ties a 4 year contract with Anorthosis and is ready to play some football. The 24 years old senegalese left defender is an ex-Olympique de Marseille player and played on Boulogne Côte D'Opale (FRA) in the last 2 seasons. He faces this new challenge as a good opportunity to make through his national team for the first time.


Panathinaikos annouced today on its official website that the veteran striker Giannis Okkas might be an option for the club's attack. Pim Verbeek, manager of Panathinaikos, is aware of Okkas' experience and quality and sees the fact he already played several years in Greece as an advantage. Anorthosis boss already responded to this news regarding that Okkas just arrived at Larnaka and will be an importnat asset for his side this season so he's going nowhere.

Good start on this mate and nice team choice in Famagusta. Change from the norm, so good luck. :)
First transfer window closed

----- Transfer Window CLOSED -----

Larnaka, 1 september 2010 - The initial transfer window is now closed and Skuhravy managed to bring 5 new faces to the club. "This was the result of a great effort from the board since the club is passing through a situation where all expenses must be contained at all cost. We managed to bring the necessary reinforcements to the front and a left defender to cover Leiwakabessy's long injury period". Those were the words of manager Skuhravy during a short interview after today's morning training session.

. Yakubu Alfa (ST) - Alfa moved on 8 January 2009 from Niger Tornadoes to Helsingborgs IF. After just one year, which earned two professional caps for his Swedish club Helsingborgs IF, he was sold by Skoda Xanthi on 31 January 2010, formerly he was linked in October 2009 with a move to Germinal Beerschot. He represented his homeland by the 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup in South Korea, he also won the World Cup 2007 with the Nigeria U-17 *Golden Eagles*. On 15 December 2008 was called for the Nigerian under-20 national team for the African Cup of Nations U-20 2009 in Rwanda. On 3 March 2010 earned his first call-up for the Super Eagles

OBJECTIVE: Play in the starting 11 beside Okkas and Cafú


. Semir Agovic (ST) - Still a youngster (18 years old), Agovic took his formation as player at Partizan Belgrade. He's technically complete and an excellent header. Although not very pacey his strength is a plus when facing opposite defenders

OBJECTIVE: Will play on the U-21 and Reserve squads to keep developing his skills


. Vaselin Stoykov (ST) - He became the top scorer in the Western "B" Group in 2007 when Pirin entered "A" Group, but after a strong half season in the main group it caused interest in him from CSKA . Then the "Reds" were willing to pay 250,000€ for him but boss Nicholas Galchev decides not to sell. In the next season he were not a regular option for the starting eleven and played 1 season on loan at Banska where he scored 11 goals in 29 matches. Last season he went back to Pirin but once again the bench was his faith. By the end of the season he left the club because he could not accept to be a reserve player

OBJECTIVE: Forget the recent past at Pirin and play more regularly


. Mame N'Diaye (D L) - He attended the famous meeting between the PSG formation and Olympique de Marseille on 5 March 2006. He was one of most active players during this match, posing some problems to Bernard Mendy, but failed to emerge among the "political" youth of OM and didn't play a single match during the 2006/07 season. In January 2008 he went to FC Libourne-Saint-Seurin (L2) on loan where he found some of his Marseille former teammates, Dennoun and Ba. He played 16 games but that year the team couldn't avoid relegation to the French 3rd division. On 24 June 2008 he joined U.S. Boulogne in Ligue 2. The 2008/09 season saw U.S. Boulogne promoted to Ligue 1. At the end of 2009/10 season his contract was not renewed

OBJECTIVE: Fight for a regular place in the first 11 during Leiwakabessy's long injury


. Tom (M C) - A very complete central midfielder played as an important player during the last 3 seasons at Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) scoring 7 goals in 57 games during that period. Since he's a versatile player he can also play well as an attacking midfielder or on the right side of the pitch

OBJECTIVE: Add consistency and options for Skuhravy in the center of the field due to the lack of capable players on that position

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