Sky discipline pair over comments

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Aug 23, 2006
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Andy Gray and Richard Keys will not present Monday's game between Bolton and Chelsea after their comments about a female assistant referee.

So their punishment is a day off to spend with their families? Oh no.
what they have said is what blokes up and down the country are saying in pubs and at work etc, they just got caught out.
i dont see what use female officials who have been fast tracked to the prem league just to look p/c have in football
absolutely deserved. I used to like Andy Gray but as the years have gone by i have hated him more and more. These comments are absolutely disgusting and if i remember rightly the woman made a sensational call in the game. If you understand football then you should be able to take part in the game at any capacity no matter the gender.

My cousin who is now 28 used to coach Pompey's youth team back in the day (she is really good friends with Alan Knight and Linvoy Primus) coached a young Theo Walcott. She was the only coach that said he will make it one day and she was over rulled and look what happend their, he ended up 30 miles down the road.
You get a day off work for breaking the rules at Sky? I know where I'm going to work.
Makes them look even more idiotic since she made the correct call :D