Dec 6, 2008
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I'm in my second season with my WBA save, I've currently got:

Ferreyra, Fierro, Doumbia, Rhodes and N'Djeng.

I used a 3 man strikeforce in the previous season, but i`m going back to a traditional 442.

Now currently.

Ferreyra is worth: £11.85M
Fierro is worth: £2.4M
Doumbia N'Djeng: £14M
Rhodes is worth: £17.25M
N'Djeng is worth: £10.25M

Now out of those, I`m only really contemplating on keeping Ferreyra and Fierro as I have a feeling in this new formation, Rhodes and N'Djeng won't get as much exposure. [I was playing a 2-5-3 and the strikers did most of the work] and considering Rhodes scored 39 goals for me last season I can't see him ever having another season like that again so I'm considering selling Doumbia as he never performed, N'Djeng and Rhodes.

I've got offers of: 28M for Doumbia. 22M for N'Djeng and 33M for Rhodes.

Once I sell those 3, what 2 strikers should I look at investing in? I`ll also start strengthing other areas of my squad as I now need to get Wingers as I plan on running a 442.

[I won the league in my first season, so my rep is risen a fair amount]
You need to be careful selling players as good as those you have in your squad cos it will be difficult to bring equally good let alone better than them in. Your reputation has increased but you re still WBA and you cant attract the Cavanis and Damiaos of this world.

That said:

If Leandro Damiao deigns to join you then get him!

Look also at Bernard (At. Mineiro)/Moussa Sow/Bony/Destro/Van Wolfswimkle