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Slovenian/Slovakian gems!

Dec 4, 2008
To find these guys you need to have the Slovenian players loaded, trust me its worth it...especially for lower league clubs because most of them will definately join your team no probz.

Dalibor Volas...striker maritimo I think is the club, only cost me 120k as Hearts, brilliant player, stats dont look amazing but give him the right service and he scores for fun.

Mitja Viller...left midfielder...Koper is the club, he only cost me 60k again as Hearts, I signed him after losing Andy Driver, and he was a brilliant replacement, doesn't score many goals but gets loads of assists.

Marko Mocic...right midfielder....koper again i think....only cost me 35k, he is only 19 but a brilliant prospect, again similar to Viller, doesnt score many but gets alot of assists, well worth 35k anyway

Urbanc...defensive midfielder...cant remember club or value, but he is a class midfielder, discapline is an issue tho, for me he got alot of yellow and red cards, so I eventually gave up and sold him for 300k to dundee united, but he is a solid defensive mid anyway...if u can control the discapline

cheers guys hope these players help out, like i said, they would probz be better with lower league clubs, ive only signed them for teams like Wolves, Birmingham, Dunfermline and Hearts, so not sure about bigger clubs.